Students, faculty hit high notes at annual Music Night

Published: February 7th, 2011

Category: News

It’s a well-known fact that students at UF Law display prowess in the classroom. But what about on the piano bench?

On Sunday, Jan. 30, about 25 students, faculty and friends gathered at the home of Dean Robert Jerry and his wife, Lisa, for UF Law’s annual Music Night.

Students swapped their casebooks and highlighters for guitars, cellos, trumpets and even feather boas and silly hats in a display of the multitalented nature of the student body at Levin College of Law.

The event was free to attend and open to all students and faculty, but there were a few conditions: To get in the door, you had to bring a dessert and be willing to perform a musical act. Performances included classical concertos, a John Denver sing-along and a scene from the Broadway musical “Wicked.”

Dean Jerry explained that the event, which he has hosted — with a few interruptions — for about ten years, was inspired by a similar practice of Austrian composer Franz Schubert. Schubert, he said, was known for opening his home to friends to nurture their creativity.

For the first performance, Dean Jerry played on the piano an original song entitled “Undeleted House,” enlisting the help of Professor Leonard Riskin on the maracas. He was followed by eight student performances. After the performances were through, guests shifted their attention to the myriad desserts on display in the kitchen.

Dean Jerry said that the aim of the event was to get students and faculty together and share experiences unrelated to law or the classroom. He said that he is consistently impressed by the wide range of musical talent on display at Music Night.