3Ls excel in June moot court competition

Published: August 24th, 2011

Category: News

Leigh Anne Siddle (3L), Aaron Wasserstrom (3L), and Alex Landback (3L) from The Florida Moot Court Team competed at the 2011 Robert Orseck Memorial Moot Court Competition in Orlando on June 23. The trio each drew praise from the judges in the preliminary rounds, and the competitors lived up to the Florida Moot Court Team’s reputation of possessing championship-level oral advocacy skills. At the conclusion of first day of arguments, Landback was named Best Oral Advocate for the preliminary rounds. The team did not win overall, but the competitors gained confidence, which should positively impact their performance in competitions at the beginning of the fall semester.

This annual event is held in conjunction with The Florida Bar convention at the Gaylord Resort in Orlando, and features teams from each law school from the state of Florida. Furthermore, the competitors met many Levin College of Law alumni from across the state. The competition focused on two issues: the 4th Amendment implications of a warrantless GPS tracking device, and a juror’s non-disclosure during voir dire. Siddle and Wasserstrom split the juror portion, while Landback argued the GPS issue for both respondent and petitioner. The team would like to thank their families and teammates that came out to watch the oral arguments. In particular, the team would like to thank the Honorable Edward C. LaRose (2nd District Court of Appeal in Lakeland) for his support during the preliminary rounds.