CCF hosts ‘Asking ‘The Man Question:’ A Workshop on Contemporary Masculinities Nov. 18

Published: October 17th, 2011

Category: Events, News Briefs

The Center on Children and Families is hosting a workshop — Asking ‘The Man Question:’ A Workshop on Contemporary Masculinities — Nov. 18 with a plenary address by Professor Martha Fineman, roundtable discussion with Professors Frank Rudy Cooper, Ann McGinley, Val Vojdik, and John Kang and remarks by Professor Nancy Dowd.

It will take place 10 a.m. in HOL 345.

In The Man Question, author Dowd takes up the challenge of theorizing the construction of manhood and masculinity as an anti-essentialist project that can sit with feminist discourses.

As Dowd argues, men’s treatment by the law varies by race, age, economic position, sexuality, and many other factors. Her work questions how we know and value the lived experiences of men, not in order to deny men’s privilege but to explore the price, structure, and contradictions of that privilege.

As her primary examples, she explores men’s experience of fatherhood and sexual abuse, and boys’ experience in the contexts of education and juvenile justice. How we, as a society, arrive at the contextual and anti-essentialist goals Dowd prescribes presents questions worthy of vigorous discussion and debate.

This workshop brings together leading masculinities scholars to discuss how understanding the diverse characteristics and consequences that attach to manhood help us comprehend the nature of privilege and subordination.

Speakers will explore questions of masculinity across the diverse areas of employment discrimination, criminal law, and international law, and constitutional law. In addition, participants will grapple with theoretical questions of history, identity, vulnerability, and the limitations of equality rights. Refreshments in the morning and lunch will be provided to attendees.

Check out the event flier here and RSVP to Debbie Willis by Nov. 11 to reserve a spot.