New to FlaLaw – Career Corner

Published: January 9th, 2012

Category: News, Students

Students, we need your help!


Beginning in just a couple of weeks, FlaLaw will include a series of stories titled Career Corner. The purpose of this new feature is to give UF Law students insight, advice and information about career paths other UF Law grads have taken.


We will explore a diverse range of careers and we want your feedback on what types of information you would like to learn in these stories. We are planning to ask 10 standard questions of subjects that will shed light on how they got into their careers, what is fulfilling about them, what the biggest challenges are and what they would tell students who are interested in pursuing a similar career.


We would like to know what questions you would ask if you had the chance. We will take all your questions into consideration and use the most popular or useful ones.


Send your questions to Matt Walker in the UF Law Communications Office at by Monday, Jan. 16.