Clinics offer real legal experience

Published: October 8th, 2012

Category: News

Are you interested in counseling clients, advising government agencies, or even conducting a jury trial? Then look closely at one of the law school’s excellent clinic programs.

The clinics offer an excellent opportunity to apply classroom theory in a practical setting while learning valuable lawyering skills. Students are supervised by a highly experienced clinical professor/practitioner. While in the clinics, students gain valuable experience collaborating with social workers, mental health and family counselors, environmental and land use professionals, or alternative dispute resolution experts.

Students in various clinics appear in court under Florida Supreme Court certification as a certified legal intern. Legal intern certification also positions students to gain employment and appear in court with agencies like the State Attorney, Public Defender, Legal Aid, or AmeriCorps, prior to taking the bar exam.

You can be a Certified Legal Intern by joining one of the following clinics – Civil Clinics: Full Representation Clinic, Intimate Partner Violence Assistance Clinic (IPVAC) or Juvenile Law Clinic (Gator Teamchild). Criminal Clinics: Criminal Defense Clinic and Prosecution Clinic.

You can also gain valuable experience without becoming a certified legal intern by joining one of two clinics: Mediation Clinic and Conservation Clinic.

An all Clinic Informational Session will be held on Wednesday at noon in the Faculty Dining Room.  Snacks and refreshments will be served.  The clinics are located at 100 Bruton-Geer Hall. Stop by to speak to faculty about their clinics, or tour the clinics during the clinic’s open house, all day, Monday, Oct. 8, through Friday, Oct. 19.