Faculty Scholarship & Activities: Oct. 15, 2012

Published: October 15th, 2012

Category: News

Attila Andrade Jr.
Visiting Professor of Law

Attila Andrade Jr. has written a text book for his students, entitled Doing Business in Latin America. The book has been available as a courtesy to his “Doing Business in Latin America” course participants and has received high praises from the student body. The book is scheduled to be printed and published.

Bob Dekle
Director, Criminal Prosecution Clinic; Assistant Director, Criminal Justice Center, Master Lecturer

“Special report: Cost of Florida’s death row easily exceeds $1M per inmate” (Oct. 7, 2012, Treasure Coast Deathrow)

This article discusses the debate over the large cost of legally challenging capital punishment before the execution of a prisoner.

From the article:
George R. “Bob” Dekle Sr., a legal skills professor at the University of Florida agreed with Bakkedahl. The 29-year former state prosecutor said some defense lawyers specializing in death row appeals “feel their duty to their client trumps their duty” to the system.

“If the client is guilty and deserving of death, then the last thing they want is for the system to work properly,” he said. “The more monkey wrenches that can be thrown into the system, the longer the client lives.”

Regional counsel officials though, flatly reject positions like Dekle’s and Bakkedahl’s. They insist by vigorously pursuing death row appeals, they’re fulfilling a statutory duty: to represent clients facing execution in a dauntingly complex area of law.

Paul Donnelly
Adjunct Professor

Paul Donnelly was recently selected for inclusion in the 2013 Best Lawyers in America list, which places him in the top 5 percent of all lawyers in America.

Nancy E. Dowd
David H. Levin Chair in Family Law; Director, Center on Children & Families

Nancy Dowd presented her article “Identities and Vulnerabilites: The Case of Black Boys” at “Vulnerabilities and Identities:  An Uncomfortable Conversation” at Emory University School of Law in September.  This month, she presented “What Men?  The Essentialist Error of The End of Men” at a Boston University School of Law symposium. Additionally, the paperback version of Dowd’s Justice for Kids: Keeping Kids Out of the Juvenile Justice System will soon be published.

Randall Jenkins
Adjunct Professor; Coordinator of Insurance and Risk Claims and Litigation, University of Florida

Randall Jenkins was recently interviewed for a story on Rock Center with Brian Williams regarding the traveling surgical technician who had hepatitis C and infected several patients with the virus.

Amy Landers
Visiting Pofessor of Law; Director, Intellectual Property Concentration

“Gainesville ranked no. 1 for pirating” (Oct. 5, 2012, The Independent Florida Alligator)

In terms of illegal downloads, Gainesville has become the pirating capital of the U.S., followed by Albany, Ga.; Fairbanks, Alaska; Lexington, Ken., and Tallahassee.

From the article:
Amy Landers, visiting professor of law at UF, said the study doesn’t necessarily mean Gainesville’s residents — particularly students — don’t care about copyright laws. She said because the study doesn’t track the identities of users, there’s no reason to jump to the conclusion that UF students are to blame.

“There’s no reason to think that a college student would be less respectful of the law,” she said.

Landers, who specializes in intellectual property law, said she recommends avoiding all illegal downloading.

“It is a civil and criminal violation of the law,” Landers said. “The music industry has been aggressive about pursuing lawsuits.”

Omri Marian
Assistant Professor of Law

Omri Marian recently presented his paper, “Jurisdiction to Tax Corporations,” at the National Centre for Business Law at the University of British Columbia Faculty of Law, Vancouver, Canada.

Tim McLendon
Staff Attorney, Center for Governmental Responsibility

 “Voters in Florida are set to weigh in on two contentious ballot questions” (Oct. 6, 2012, The New York Times)

The article discussed the two ballot questions Floridians would have to vote on in the upcoming election: abortion and separation of church and state. The first measure would restrict abortions and the second would allow public money to flow to religious institutions.

Striking down these initiatives is among the ideas being talked about in regards to these two questions, as is rewording the questions to have a different meaning.

From the article:
“It is possible,” said Tim McLendon, a staff lawyer at the University of Florida law school’s Center for Government Responsibility. “They could redo it, and it could reappear.”

Elizabeth A. Rowe
Feldman Gale Term Professor in Intellectual Property; UF Research Foundation Professor of Law; Director, Program in Intellectual Property Law

Elizabeth Rowe served as an invited commentator at a roundtable on “IP and the Constitution” at the University of New Hampshire, Franklin Pierce Center for Intellectual Property.

Jennifer Zedalis
Director, Trial Practice; Senior Legal Skills Professor; Coordinator, Gerald T. Bennett Prosecutor/Public Defender CLE Course; Assistant Director, Criminal Justice Center

“State attorney candidates ramp up the rhetoric” (Oct. 7, 2012, Herald-Tribune)

This article delves into the Florida code of ethics and the laws against judges supporting or endorsing any candidates or playing any roll at all in judicial elections.

From the article:
“It’s a fair topic, but it’s an oversimplification to say ‘There is a low conviction rate, oh wow, he’s not doing a good job,'” said Jennifer Zedalis, the director of trial practice at the University of Florida’s law school.