UF leads in Florida Bar exam, MPRE results

Published: October 1st, 2012

Category: Feature

barThe University of Florida Levin College of Law placed first among Florida law schools in the number of successful first-time test takers of both the July 2012 Florida Bar Examination and the August 2012 Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE).

On the general bar exam, UF Law’s pass percentage was 91.2 percent (259 passing out of 284 takers) compared to an overall pass rate of 80.2 percent (2,433 passing out of 3,034 takers). This was the largest spread between the UF Law pass rate and the overall pass rate on a July bar exam since 2000.

Dean Robert Jerry noted that these are the first July bar results for UF Law’s smaller graduating classes (approximately 300 students vs. approximately 400 students), as the first of the college’s smaller classes graduated in May 2012.

For the calendar year (which combines the July results with the results of the February exam, which has a small number of test takers), UF Law’s pass rate was 89.5 percent (274 passing out of 306 takers). This pass rate placed UF Law first among Florida law schools for the year.

In the past, Jerry has cautioned against looking at the February results in isolation because of the small sample of test takers, which can produce results that are unrepresentative, much like what can happen when one calculates a Major League Baseball player’s batting average by looking at seven or eight games instead of the results over an entire 162-game season.

UF also placed first among Florida law schools in the number of successful takers of the August 2012 MPRE exam. The UF pass percentage on the MPRE was 92.9 percent (92 passing out of 99 takers) against an overall pass rate of 89.1 percent (1,090 passing out of 1,224 takers).