Faculty Scholarship & Activities: Nov. 13, 2012

Published: November 13th, 2012

Category: News

Omri Y. Marian
Assistant Professor of Law

Marian recently presented “Jurisdiction to Tax Corporation” at the University of Kentucky College of Law as part of the faculty workshop series.

Joseph Little
Emeritus Professor

“Undercover mother: Lee mom seeks teachers’ ‘true colors’ with secret recording” (Nov. 5, 2012, Naples News)

This article is about a Fort Myers woman who secretly recorded teachers in the classroom to find out why her autistic son was so miserable at school. It brings up the controversy of whether parents have the right to hear what happens in the classroom without the teacher’s consent.

From the article:
In Florida, all parties must consent to audio recordings if there is a reasonable expectation of privacy. It comes down to whether the teachers have that expectation in the classroom, said Joseph Little, a University of Florida law professor. And that could be argued either way.

Elizabeth A. Rowe
Feldman Gale Term Professor in Intellectual Property; UF Research Foundation Professor of Law; Director, Program in Intellectual Property Law

Rowe served as a panelist discussing the theft of intellectual property through cyber attacks at the American Intellectual Property Law Association’s annual meeting in Washington, D.C.