Distinguished international professors lead segments of foreign enrichment course

Published: February 18th, 2013

Category: News


Professor Christine Windbichler, of Humboldt University Law School in Berlin, chats with faculty at UF Law last week. Windbichler is teaching a segment of a foreign enrichment class at UF Law, Doing Business in Europe: Selected Issues. (Photo by Haley Stracher)

Interested in exposure to international law concepts before engaging in the legal practice? Can you think outside the box of national law?

As globalization continues apace, lawyers are more likely to encounter an element of international or foreign law in their daily practices.

Doing Business in Europe: Selected Issues is a foreign enrichment class with 28 UF Law students enrolled this spring and coordinated by Professor Claire M. Germain, associate dean for Legal Information & Clarence J. TeSelle Professor of Law

Four distinguished international professors each lead a two- or three-week segment of the course and include: Luca Castellani, head of the Regional Centre for Asia and the Pacific (RCAP) of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL), Incheon, Republic of Korea; Professor Christine Windbichler of Humboldt University Law School, Berlin; Professor Emeritus Xavier Blanc-Jouvan of the University of Paris I Sorbonne Law School and former director of the Comparative Law Institute, Paris; and Eric Noual, attorney specializing in insurance law, Paris.

The class comparatively analyzes key concepts of international commercial law. It especially focuses on the common law/civil law convergence and distinctions, the process of Europeanization of contract and business law and with U.S. law comparisons.

“I’m especially impressed by the students’ lively interest in things international,” Windbichler said.