Faculty Scholarship & Activities: Feb. 4, 2013

Published: February 4th, 2013

Category: News

Mary Adkins
Director, Legal Writing & Appellate Advocacy; Master Legal Skills Professor

Florida Supreme Court justices to visit UF today (Jan. 24, 2013, The Alligator)

This article was about all seven Florida Supreme Court justices coming to UF Law to judge the moot court competition.

From the article:
Mary Adkins, the team’s faculty adviser, said it was an accomplishment that all seven justices were coming to the exhibition.

“They are usually busy listening to real cases in Tallahassee,” she said.

Bob Dekle
Master Legal Skills Professor

“Settlement possible after NCAA admits misconduct in UM probe” (Jan. 24, 2013, The Miami Herald)

The NCAA admitted misconduct when working with Nevin Shapiro to find out information about how he gave gifts and money to University of Miami football stars. The NCAA could either restart the investigation from scratch or it could cut a deal with UM.

From the article:
“Just because someone has obtained evidence through chicanery doesn’t mean the evidence is not admissible,” said Dekle, a former state prosecutor. “I don’t see any legal bar to the NCAA using this evidence.”

Then he added: “I’m sure the NCAA is looking for a way to bring the matter gracefully to a conclusion with a limited amount of egg on their face. It’s more a matter of perception than reality about the admissibility of improper evidence. The NCAA is displaying an excess of concern about image, it looks like to me.”

Larry A. DiMatteo
Affiliated Professor of Law

DiMatteo has three books in press relating to international sales law, international contract law, and comparative law.  All three books will be published in the current year: Global Challenge of International Sales Law (Larry DiMatteo ed. Cambridge University Press 2013); Commercial Contract Law: Transatlantic Perspectives (Larry DiMatteo, Qi Zhou & Severine Saintier eds., Cambridge University Press 2013); and International Contracting:  Law & Practice (3rd ed., Wolter/Kluwer 2013). Global Challenge of International Sales Law contains contributions from 44 international sales law scholars from 19 countries. The papers were presented at a conference at the University of Florida, which was co-sponsored by the Levin College of Law. Commercial Contract Law: Transatlantic Perspectives was the product of a conference held at the University of Sheffield, UK. The conference paired law professors from the UK and the United States to study comparative issues in the development of English and American common law.

Mark Fenster
Professor of Law ; Cone, Wagner, Nugent, Hazouri & Roth Tort Professor

U.S. Supreme Court hears arguments in Central Florida land-development case (Jan. 30, 2012, Orlando Sentinel)

This article is about the U.S. Supreme Court hearing arguments about a Central Florida property-rights case that began two decades ago when the owner of some land along State Road 50 in east Orange County sought permission to fill in some wetlands so he could build on the property. The Supreme Court must decide whether government agencies, when landowners seek permits to develop their acreage, may demand anything in return that doesn’t bear directly on the property.

From the article:
“That’s not very good government, and that’s not very good for property owners,” said Mark Fenster, a professor of land-use law at the University of Florida.

“What might likely happen is that government would be willing to engage in negotiations with a few players, like the big developers, who they know they can trust not to turn around and sue them,” Fenster said.

Claire M. Germain
Associate Dean for Legal Information & Clarence J. TeSelle Professor of Law

Germain served on an ABA Accreditation Site Visit team at the University of California Irvine School of Law Nov. 3-7, 2012.

She was an invited speaker and moderator at a conference in Paris on E-Justice, held at the House of the Paris Bar in late November. “E-Justice” refers to all the activities that aim to harmonize the dissemination and the use of judiciary and legal paperless procedures among the European Union member states. The topic of her panel was: “Are specialized social media professional networks for lawyers and legal professionals ‘walled gardens’ or open access collaborative networks?”

Read more: http://www.legalaccess.eu/?Flyer&lang=en

Martin J. McMahon Jr.
Stephen C. O’Connell Professor of Law

McMahon presented “Recent Income Tax Developments” jointly with Professor Ira B. Shepard at the American Bar Association Tax Section Midyear Meeting in Orlando on Jan. 26, 2013.

John Stinneford
Associate Professor of Law; Assistant Director, Criminal Justice Center

Stinneford just published “Punishment Without Culpability” in the Journal of Criminal Law & Criminology.