UF Law honors Professor Baldwin’s 50 years of teaching

Published: September 30th, 2013

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Dean Robert Jerry congratulates UF Law Professor Fletcher Baldwin as he was honored for 50 years of teaching at UF Law at the Gideon v. Wainwright Symposium Sept. 19. (Photo by Javier Edwards)

Special to FlaLaw

Fletcher N. Baldwin Jr. came to Gainesville in the fall of 1962 following military service, law school at the University of Georgia, and graduate law at the University of Illinois. He was joined by E.L. Roy Hunt, who was also a veteran and post graduate student. Their offices were on the third floor of the red brick law school on the southwest corner of NW 13th St. The faculty was small and very collegial. He served as moot court adviser – there was only “the team” at that time – and participation was highly regarded and competitive.

The administration at the law school has been supportive of his national and international contributions and adventures.

During the 50 years that he has been a faculty member at UF, Baldwin has been an ABA Cieli Professor in Poland and Ukraine, he was a Fulbright Professor and Ford Foundation Professor at Makerere, Kampala, Uganda. He is an adjunct professor at Montpellier, France – where he was co-founder of the Montpellier Summer Program and Exchange. Although he has maintained a residence in the Gainesville countryside for more than 50 years, he has had mini residencies in some 15 countries and states around the world, including a bomb shelter in Kabal, Afghanastan, and a game park in Pietermeritsburg, South Africa. For more than 20 years he has been a leader in the International Symposium on Financial Crime at Jesus College, Cambridge and a lecturer at the University of London.

He has been an appellate attorney advocating in New York and Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Florida, the Supreme Courts of the U.S. and Florida. He was an active recruiter for diversity in the student and faculty population – directing Cleo, the orientation program in American law, and the introduction to American law. He was Blue Key professor, AAUP president, and chair of numerous faculty and state committees on rights and responsibilities and academic freedom, including his work defending faculty against the Johns Committee – authors of the Purple Pamphlet. He is an ABA fellow.

Baldwin has taught constitutional law – as a lecture and a seminar and is presently teaching international financial crime, which he believes is closely tied to constitutional law. He was named the Chesterfield Smith Professor of Law – Smith’s wife Jackie Allee, former dean at St. Thomas, was Baldwin’s law clerk as was Justice Rosemary Barkett, as were some 50 other former students.

His love of law and teaching – his counseling and work with students and former students – has not only impacted the lives of students and governments, his family is now a “law firm” with daughter, son-in-law, niece and nephew, brother-in-law, son and wife all law graduates and teachers. He is now teaching the children and grandchildren of his former students.

He is grateful for the opportunities he has had and the many students and former students he has worked with and continues to work with.