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Published: February 3rd, 2014

Category: News

Jeffrey Harrison
Stephen C. O’Connell Chair; Professor of Law

“UF law professor questions openness of law dean search” (Jan. 14, 2014, The Gainesville Sun)

This article highlights Harrison’s questioning of how open the dean search committee has been in its selection process.

From the article:
“My impression, and that of others, is that the university structures the searches to stay technically within the law, whether it is consistent with the spirit of the law or not,” Harrison said.

“UF administration is tone deaf in search for law dean” (Jan. 25, 2014, The Gainesville Sun)

Harrison wrote an op-ed for The Gainesville Sun criticizing the University of Florida administration’s approach to selecting a new dean.

From the article:
On this simple point, UF administrators seem to have developed instant-onset tone deafness.

Omri Y. Marian
Assistant Professor of Law

“The Bitcoin Boom: IRS Mum On Digital Currency” (Jan. 28, 2014, Law360)

Marian was quoted in an article for Lexis’ Law360 publication about how the IRS has yet to issue guidance on how it will treat digital currencies like Bitcoin.

From the article:
For taxpayers, bitcoins used as currency would be taxed as ordinary income, but bitcoins treated as an investment could receive the lower tax rate for capital gains.

“Very, very basic issues are not addressed. We tax scholars — and tax practitioners — have no idea what the IRS is going to do, there’s absolutely no guidance.” said Omri Marian, a law professor at the University of Florida. “If I lost in my bitcoin investment, I want it to be regarded as ordinary losses. If I made a lot of money out of bitcoin, I want to take the position that this is a capital asset.”

Martin J. McMahon, Jr.
James J. Freeland Eminent Scholar in Taxation and Professor of Law

McMahon presented with Professor Bruce A. McGovern at the American Bar Association, Tax Section, Midyear Meeting in Phoenix Jan. 25, 2014 on “Recent Income Tax Developments.”

Jon Mills
Dean Emeritus; Professor of Law; Director, Center for Governmental Responsibility

“Ballot language cleared; legal medical marijuana far from a slam-dunk” (Jan. 27, 2014, The Gainesville Sun)

Mills commented in this article about the approval of medical marijuana being added to the ballot next November in Florida. Mills worked on the issue as a representative of People United for Medical Marijuana.

From the article:
Mills said a potential law would essentially put the discretionary power for using marijuana in doctors’ hands.

He said the ballot’s language specifies that patients must have a debilitating medical condition that prevents them from functioning — and that the potential benefits of marijuana outweigh the risks.

Patients can only get medical marijuana from certain facilities, and they have to have a prescription for it, Mills continued.

“It’s not legalization,” Mills said. “It’s medically related and regulated.”

“UF chosen to host law symposium”
(Jan. 29, 2014, The Alligator)

A brief article in The Alligator announced that UF Law has been chosen to host the 33rd Federalist Society National Student Symposium. UF Law Federalist Society Chapter President Devon Westhill was quoted in the article.

From the article:
Devon Westhill, the senior local chapter president and chairman of the Symposium Executive Committee, said it is important for students to get involved and become educated on pressing issues.

“To understand complex and important issues such as the ones that we will discuss and debate at the symposium regarding security, freedom, and privacy is both interesting and vital for tomorrow’s leaders,” he wrote in an email.