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CJC hosts alumni to discuss prosecuting criminal gangs under RICO

CJC hosts alumni to discuss prosecuting criminal gangs under RICO

Published: Feb 27th, 2012

By Francie Weinberg Sasha Lohn-McDermott (JD 09) and Daniel Weisman (JD 07) are facing one of Florida’s most under-acknowledged yet prevalent problems head on. “When I started this job, I […]

Dean discusses legal market, shares some good news

Published: Oct 4th, 2010

Dean Robert Jerry addressed concerns about the difficult placement market with 2L and 3L students on Wednesday, Sept. 29. After outlining the general state of the U.S. economy to “put […]

Guest professor, author discusses mass incarceration

Published: Sep 27th, 2010

“We have not ended the racial caste system in America, we have merely redesigned it,” said Ohio State University Moritz College of Law Professor Michelle Alexander, author of “The New […]

Former IRS Associate Chief Counsel discusses the “fun stuff” of tax law

Published: Sep 6th, 2010

“Fun stuff” may not be the first words to come to a law student’s mind when considering the topic of tax law. But former IRS Associate Chief Counsel, Jasper L. […]

Jourdan proposes solutions for displaced residents

Published: Apr 5th, 2010

If home is indeed where the heart is, it is no wonder why residents displaced from their homes find themselves disheartened and grief-stricken. Levin College of Law Assistant Professor Dawn […]

Travolta’s lawyer believes in karma

Published: Apr 5th, 2010

Michael McDermott believes there’s only one reason he got the opportunity to speak at UF Law on Friday: karma. The attorney for actor John Travolta, who was asked to speak […]

Law students volunteer for annual Youth Summit

Published: Apr 5th, 2010

Over 50 law students volunteered at Eastside High School and Gainesville High School on Friday, March 26, for The Center on Children and Families and The Florida Bar Foundation Public […]

Nguyen warns of growth in labor trafficking

Published: Apr 5th, 2010

They were forced to work up to 14 hour days for meager wages. They were threatened and beaten; they could not leave. Ancient abolished slavery? No. Present day. In 2007-2008, […]

Soloman talks tax reform and global trends

Published: Mar 22nd, 2010

They say that the only two sure things in life are death and taxes, but while taxes may be inevitable, the way we are taxed is quite fluid. Few people […]

Fox-Isicoff discusses business and corporate immigration

Published: Mar 15th, 2010

The Immigration Law Association hosted Tammy Fox-Isicoff on Tuesday for a presentation on business and corporate immigration. But while Fox-Isicoff is now an expert in the subject, she began her […]