Articles Tagged Volume VI Issue 6

Grading Curve, Honors Changes Discussed

Published: Sep 29th, 2003

Nearly seventy students attended a forum last week on the College of Law’s new grading curve and honors requirements. The forum was presented by Academic Standards Committee Chair/ Professor Marty […]

In the spotlight: Slobogin

Published: Oct 21st, 2002

Stephen C. O’Connell Professor Christopher Slobogin spoke Oct. 19 on, “What Atkins Could Mean for People with Mental Illness” at a symposium at the University of Mexico Law School on […]

In the spotlight: Woodhouse

Published: Oct 21st, 2002

Levin Chair in Family Law/Center on Children and the Law Director Barbara Bennett Woodhouse spoke Oct. 12 on “Enhancing Children’s Participation in Policy Formation” at the University of Arizona’s interdisciplinary […]

In the spotlight: Fenster

Published: Oct 21st, 2002

Assistant Professor Mark Fenster spoke Oct. 7 on “The Symbols of Governance: Thurman Arnold and Post-Realist (Legal) Theory” at the American Bar Foundation in Chicago.

In the spotlight: Cohn

Published: Oct 21st, 2002

Professor Stuart Cohn’s article, “The Development of A Micro-Cap Securities Market in Sub-Saharan Africa,” will be published by the United Nations. He also has been appointed Senior Special Fellow to […]

In the spotlight: Wright

Published: Oct 21st, 2002

Associate Professor Danaya Wright published, “Shaken, Not Stirred: Has Tahoe-Sierra Settled or Muddied the Regulatory Takings Waters?” in Environmental Law Reporter.

In the spotlight: Collier

Published: Oct 21st, 2002

Affiliate Professor Charles Collier published, “The Wrath of History in The Responsive Community,” as part of a symposium on “Can Postmodernists Condemn Terrorism?”

In the spotlight: Cotter

Published: Oct 21st, 2002

IP Program Director Thomas Cotter will publish, “Written on the Body: Intellectual Property Rights in Tattoos, Makeup and Other Body Art,” in the UCLA Entertainment Law Review. The piece is […]

In the spotlight: Magnarella

Published: Oct 21st, 2002

Affiliate Professor Paul Magnarella published “International Human Rights: Roots of a Progression,” in the Journal of Third World Studies.

In the spotlight: Malavet

Published: Oct 21st, 2002

Associate Professor Pedro Malavet published, “The Accidental Crit II: Culture and the Looking Glass of Exile,” in Denver Law Review as part of a symposium on “Class in LatCrit: Theory […]