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Trade Secrecy & International Transactions

D-2642. In-house studio portraits of UF Research Foundation (UFRF) professors. Requested by Joe Kays. Contact is Carol Dampier 392 9174, cmd@ufl.edu. Subject is Elizabeth Rowe.

Feldman Gale Term Professor in IP Law, UF Research Foundation Professor, Director, Program in Intellectual Property Law

Trade secret protection has long been of critical strategic importance to business interests and globalization of commerce has driven an increasing need to govern the preservation of confidentiality in international business transactions. Professor Rowe’s new book, Trade Secrecy and International Transactions, offers an authoritative and unparalleled resource on US and international trade secret law and identifies optimal practices for securing trade secrets in varying jurisdictions.

Also read her article: “Trade Secrets, Trade, and Extraterritoriality”, 66 ALABAMA LAW REVIEW 63 (2014) (with Daniel Mahfood). This article was selected as one of the best intellectual property law articles published in 2014 and reprinted in an anthology, INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW REVIEW (Karen B. Tripp, ed., 2015).

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Published: September 16th, 2015

Category: Global Impact, News

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