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UF Law dedicates new walking trail

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – In an effort to promote fitness at the University of Florida Levin College of Law, Dean Robert Jerry officially dedicated on Friday a new walking trail at the law school.

The half-mile path, which circles the UF Law campus, gives students, faculty and staff access to a conveniently located trail, making it a little easier to stay in shape or just get the blood moving in between classes.

Jerry led the ceremony with a few opening remarks about the trail, and the Lawyers’ Running Club, led by Stephen C. O’Connell Chair and Professor of Law Lyrissa Lidsky, were on hand to make the first official lap around the trail.

“The trail is a great way to promote fitness at the law school,” Jerry said. “I hope this group will continue to grow when we walk around out here in the future.”

Jerry also announced that UF Law will be creating a fitness Web page that will provide information about the walking trail as well as other fitness options available around the University of Florida campus.

The inspiration for the walking trail developed last summer when Professor Leonard Riskin had the idea to promote healthy lifestyles on campus by creating a fitness walk on the third floor of Holland Hall at the law school, said Jerry. But after further discussions, they decided it would be more interesting to create the trail outside.

The new trail begins at the northwest corner of the Advocacy Center, moving between Bruton-Geer Hall before turning north to Southwest 2nd Ave. Following Southwest 2nd Ave., the trail turns south at Village Drive before coming back to the starting point at the Advocacy Center. The path was accurately measured and plotted out by Facilities Manager Robert Horn and his staff painted distance markers every 0.05 miles with arrows along the way to keep people on the trail, said Debra Staats, associate dean for administrative and fiscal affairs.

“I hope the law school community takes advantage of this easy and convenient way to get in some exercise on our campus,” Staats said. “I myself plan to bring in my walking shoes and try to get moving more!”

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Published: January 14th, 2011

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