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UF Law faculty bringing scholarship to AALS annual meeting

AALS meeting brochure imageEach year, law professors from across the nation converge to share scholarship and teaching innovations at the Association of American Law Schools Annual Meeting. This year, the University of Florida Levin College of Law is proud to have 10 faculty members speaking, presenting or moderating at the gathering. The meeting’s theme is “From Challenge to Innovation: American Legal Education in 2016.” Our faculty will address a wide range of topics including professional identity, workplace law, antitrust law, problem-solving courts, family law, comparative constitutionalism, and more.

“UF Law’s robust participation at the AALS conference is yet another example of the ways our faculty members are influencing scholarly debates on a national level,” said UF Law Dean Laura A. Rosenbury.  “In addition, Associate Dean Amy Mashburn and others will be sharing the curricular innovations we have developed as UF Law continues to evolve in light of the changing legal marketplace.”

Below are the UF Law faculty who will be speaking at the meeting and the topics they will be discussing or moderating:

Jan. 7 at 3:30                      Amy Mashburn will be a speaker at the Discussion Group on Introducing Professional Identity Development into the Law School Curriculum


Jan. 8 at 8:30                      Bill Page will be a speaker at the Antitrust and Economic Regulation Session: Antitrust and the State


Jan. 8 at 10:30                    Nancy Dowd will be a speaker at the International Human Rights Session, co-sponsored by the Sections on Children and the Law and the Family and Juvenile Law: Human Rights and Families


Jan. 8 at 10:30                    Danny Sokol will be a speaker at the Administrative Law Session: Beyond Legislation/Regulation: Designing a Broader Regulatory Practice Curriculum


Jan. 9 at 9:00                      Lea Johnston will be a speaker at the Alternative Dispute Resolution Session, co-sponsored by the Law and Mental Disability Section: The Modern Problem-Solving Court Movement: Taking Stock after 25 years


Jan. 9 at 1:30                      Stacey Steinberg will be a speaker at the Family and Juvenile Law Session: Private vs. Public Family Law


Jan. 9 at 1:30                      Michael Wolf will be a speaker at the Legal History Session: 800 Years of Comparative Constitutionalism: The Unique Legacy of Magna Charta


Jan. 9 at 1:30                      Danaya Wright will moderate the Legal History Session: 800 Years of Comparative Constitutionalism: The Unique Legacy of Magna Charta


Jan. 9 at 3:30                      Stephanie Bornstein will present her work-in-progress at the Employment Discrimination Law and Labor Relations and Employment Law Joint Program: New and Emerging Voices in Workplace Law


Jan. 11 at 8:30                    Todd Venie will be a speaker at the Law Libraries and Legal Information Session: Law Libraries and Data Assessment: Using Analytics to Promote Change that Matters to Our Law Schools

Other faculty who plan to attend the meeting include, Laura Rosenbury, Mary Adkins, Claire Germain, Monique Haughton Worrell, Michelle Jacobs, Lyrissa Lidsky, Pedro Malavet, John Stinneford and Lee-ford Tritt.

For complete meeting information, visit https://www.aals.org/am2016/.

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Published: January 6th, 2016

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