Levin College of Law

Exam Delays & Accommodations

Exam Delays and Accommodations

There are four acceptable reasons for which students may request delaying their exams. Please read the descriptions below to see if your circumstances are eligible for a delay. Also note that students are not permitted to take exams before the scheduled exam time.

  • Multiple Examinations

A student may reschedule an examination if a student has in class examinations that meet the following criteria:

  • 2 exams beginning less than 20 hours apart. Note: Examinations that BEGIN more than 20 hours apart (for example, an 8:30 a.m. exam on one day and 8:30 a.m. exam on the following calendar day), DO NOT constitute a conflict under this rule.
  • 3 exams within 3 consecutive days
  • 4 exams which must be completed within 5 days

Please note that application of this policy to take home exams will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Students are responsible for submitting the request(s) for an exam delay. All requests to reschedule an exam due to a conflict must be submitted to the Office of Student Affairs, and delayed examinations should be rescheduled to be taken as soon as reasonably possible with the sound discretion of the administration.

  • Students with Disabilities Accommodations

Reasonable exam accommodations are available to students with permanent and temporary disabilities. To receive accommodations, students should contact the Disability Resource Center (DRC) (a function of the Dean of Students Office and the Division of Student Affairs). The DRC is located in 0020 Reid Hall. Students may reach the DRC at 392-8565 or accessuf@dso.ufl.edu.

  • Foreign Language Accommodation

The Levin College of Law is committed to access and legal education for qualified, international students whose first language is something other than English. Students who have been educated abroad and who have received their undergraduate degree or equivalent from an institution in which English was not the official language, are eligible for a language accommodation. Students who meet this criteria may submit a language accommodation request to the Assistant Dean for Students, who upon confirmation that the student meets the criteria, will grant a language accommodation during the examination period.

  • Emergency Delay (accident/illness/death)

In case of illness, contact the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs. If permission is granted, a written statement from the treating physician stating the student was too ill to take the exam at the scheduled time must be presented before the exam may be taken late. For serious reasons other than illness, a student should contact the Office of Student in advance and speak with the Assistant Dean for Students. Only after the student is notified the request has been granted may the student miss a scheduled exam. Arrangements must be made with Student Affairs for taking the exam late. The Assistant Dean for Students shall specify the date and time when a student with an excused absence may sit for the examination.