Levin College of Law

All students are provided with a Gatorlink email account (@ufl.edu). The Gatorlink account will be your ONLY official University e-mail address. Your Gatorlink email account (@ufl.edu) is used by the Office of Student Affairs for the “all law listserve” and “student-activities listserve”.

These listserves are used to inform students about administrative and campus wide issues. The only e-mail address that will be added to the listserve is your Gatorlink email account (ufl.edu). DO NOT forward your Gatorlink (ufl.edu) emails to other personal accounts, as this may result in losing messages or responses to your inquiries. Students must not forward emails and instead regularly check their Gatorlink email account (ufl.edu) account.

You can also sign up for a Gatorlink e-mail account by clicking on Gatorlink Creation. For more information about the service, you can call 392-LINK, 392-HELP or visit the UF Computing Help Desk at CSE E520. If you have any problems receiving e-mails from the “all law listserve” and “student-activities listserve”, please contact the Office of Student Affairs.

Note: Problems with AOL and other commercial servers Every time UF (or the Law School) sends a broadcast message to its students, AOL receives hundreds of messages in a matter of seconds. This has the effect of AO L blocking U F (or a specific UF email server) from receiving any further e-mail from the ‘offending’ server for about 48 hours. In turn, it appears to end users at both ends (e-mail senders and receivers) as intermittent service. We regret this has happened because this has caused some students not to get some important information in a tim ely way, but this is completely out of our control. Many universities and colleges are affected by these commercial servers i.e., AOL, Yahoo. Hotmail, MSN, email problems, not just UF, so please only use the Gatorlink account.