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Financial Aid Letter- June 2018

Dear Entering Law Student:

I am looking forward to working with you during your law school career!

The majority of our law students receive some type of financial aid to help finance their education. Federal loans constitute the majority of the aid for most of our students. We will begin processing Federal Direct Stafford Loans in late July or early August. You will receive an email notification once your loans have been processed. If you do not receive a notification by the beginning of August, please contact me, so I can look into the situation.

Students may also be eligible to apply for the Direct Federal Graduate PLUS Loan if other financial aid resources have not met the Cost of Attendance set by the school. If you are interested in applying for the Direct Federal Graduate PLUS Loan, I suggest you read about this loan here. A link to apply for the loan is provided on this site.

Once your Federal loans are processed, the required steps for disbursement should be completed to ensure that your funds are disbursed at the beginning of the appropriate term.  These steps can be found by going to your ONE.UF. Direct links will be provided for the required steps.

I STRONGLY recommend setting up Direct Deposit of financial aid funds.  To activate Direct Deposit, log onto ONE.UF and choose University Bursar, Student Direct Deposit.  Follow the instructions outlined on the site. This will enable The University Bursar to deposit the remainder of the disbursed financial aid into your checking account once your tuition has been deducted.

The Cost of Attendance budget set by the school determines the maximum amount of financial aid a student may receive. The information listed below should help as you begin to develop your budget for the upcoming school year.  The Cost of Attendance budget includes tuition, books and living expenses.

The 2018–19 yearly block tuition rate is $21,803.76 for Florida residents and $38,039.47 for non-residents. (This is applicable to students matriculating fall 2018 or later. Continuing students who matriculated prior to fall 2018 will continue with the per credit hour tuition rate)

Expenses vary, but UF Law students can anticipate annual costs in addition to tuition of about $18,560, with the breakdown as follows:

  • Books/Supplies: $1,910
  • Clothing/Maintenance: $930
  • Computer/Cell Phone: $1,280
  • Food: $4,470
  • Personal: $470
  • Room: $8,390
  • Transportation: $1,110

TOTAL: $18,560  
** If you have any questions concerning Florida Residency requirements, you should visit this link or contact the UF Registrar’s Office at (352) 392-1374.

More information regarding financial aid can be found here.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions concerning your financial aid. General financial aid questions can be directed to my email listed below.

See you in August!

Jordan Masters
Financial Aid Coordinator
Levin College of Law
Financial Aid Help
(352) 273-0620