Levin College of Law

Orientation (ILSP)

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Introduction to Law School and the Profession

The Introduction to Law School and the Profession (ILSP) program is a time to welcome and introduce you to our law school and community. This mandatory program will be held on August 7-10, 2018. The program will focus on introducing you to the College of Law and the legal profession to ensure that you have the information and necessary skills to succeed in law school. We will provide you with information on the policies and regulations governing your legal education and the profession, academic information, and offer you many opportunities to get to know other incoming students and your Student Ambassador.

Directions to the ILSP events

The ILSP starts on Tuesday, August 7th in the J. Wayne Reitz Union, located at 686 Museum Rd., Gainesville, Florida 32611. Detailed parking information will be added here and e-mailed to entering students prior to the ILSP and Ambassadors will direct you to check-in at ILSP.

Parking at the law school during ILSP

You may park in the Green decal lots around the law school. While parking restrictions are lifted from August 7-10, all reserved spaces, service drives, disabled, carpool and no parking zones will still be enforced at all times.

Dress code for the ILSP

Dress for Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday is business casual. We will provide you with a t-shirt to wear on Thursday for Community Service Day. Dress for the Student Networking Banquet, Thursday evening, is Business Professional.

Guests at the ILSP

Due to space and other logistical limitations, guests are not permitted during the ILSP.