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Congratulations on your admission to the University of Florida Levin College of Law. The Office of Student Affairs is pleased you have chosen to be a part of the University of Florida Levin College of Law. Before you can matriculate, you will need to complete the following:

Accept or Decline Your Offer

  • Accept your offer of admission by using the online form.
  • If you choose not to accept your offer of admission, please decline the offer using the online form.

Obtain a UF ID Number

  • To find your UFID number, follow this link and use your social security number and date of birth. This will be your student identification number.
  • Your UFID appears on all university records and transactions instead of your social security number. Your UFID number appears on your Gator 1 ID card along with your picture and will identify you and verify your UF student status. Carry you Gator 1 Card with you everywhere; it is your entry to most UF facilities and events.

Meet the Immunization Requirement

  • All students at the University of Florida must comply with the immunization requirement. The requirement has changed recently, so new and former students may need to fulfill the requirement. You may find information on the immunization requirement at the UF Student Health Care Center.
  • Students who have not fulfilled the immunization requirement will receive a registration hold, and will not be able to register for classes until the hold is cleared.

Establish a Gatorlink Account and myUFL

  • You will need your UFID number to set up your account.
  • GatorLink provides your computer identity at the university and access to a variety of FREE campus computing services such as email (“username@ufl.edu”), and dial-up. Most campus services require a GatorLink sign on, including ONE.UF, Blackboard, computer lab and network connections, print services, online training and the download of university-licensed software.
  • A UF GatorLink account (computer & email access) is necessary to register online using ONE.UF. If you have not set up a GatorLink account, please create a new account.
  • At the start of fall semester, the Office of Student Affairs will add your email to our “all law listserv” and “student-activities listserv”. These are used to inform students about administrative and campus-wide issues.
  • Your GatorLink email account will also be used by the UF Registrar’s Office and UF Financial Services to provide you information regarding registration, tuition and fee deadlines and financial aid.
  • The myUFL portal provides UF faculty, staff and students with direct, easy access to UF’s online resources, information, and systems.  Take a few minutes to review the frequently asked questions and become familiar with how myUFL works. You can also explore myUFL and become familiar with the services it makes available to you, including registration, payment of fees, updating emergency contact information and obtaining tickets to UF sporting events.

Send Official Transcripts

  • Official transcripts must be sent to the University of Florida from every post-secondary school attended. Official transcripts can be received in two ways:1) Paper transcripts received in an unopened sealed envelope.2) Electronic transcripts sent from your institution directly to UF. Most Florida public high schools and Florida public universities and community colleges have the capability to send transcripts electronically. Applicants can save up to two weeks in the response time if all post-secondary transcripts are received electronically.
  • Send official transcripts for all institutions of higher education you have attended to the main Admissions Office at the University of Florida:
    Office of Admissions
    P.O. Box 114000
    Gainesville, FL 32611-4000
  • Send any updated official law school transcripts, as needed, to the UF Law Office of Student Affairs, if you are completing courses now or if you recently completed coursework that was not completed prior to your admission at UF Law. The address for the UF Law Office of Student Affairs is:Room 164 Holland Hall
    P.O. Box 117621
    Gainesville, FL 32611-7633

Complete Emergency Contact Information

  • The University of Florida has a comprehensive emergency notification plan. In addition to contacting students by email or through the UF web site, this plan allows the University to text message students should an emergency arise. The information provided will not be used for any purpose other than the emergency contact function. If you want to learn more about UF’s updated emergency plan please go to the UF Registrar.
  • The Student Affairs Office will register you for Fall Term 2009. The emergency contact hold will prevent your registration. Please complete the steps listed below in order to remove the emergency contact hold.
  • Go to myUFL. You will need to sign on using your GatorLink Username and Password.
  • If you need to create a GatorLink Account please select GatorLink Account Creation which is the second option below the Password Window. You will be required to know your UFID number but if you do not know the UFID please simply click on “What’s my UFID” to the right of the box where the UFID would be entered.
  • Once you are logged on to the my.ufl.edu web page, please select “My Account” and then “Update Emergency Contact Information”. You must submit information in all the required fields. Your final step is to click “Submit” so the information will be provided to the University.

Complete Registration Preparation

  • Registration Preparation Hold: You will be asked to read and accept conditions for registration. To facilitate your registration, it is important that you go to Registration Preparation in ONE.UF to complete this requirement each term prior to your registration start time.

Explore Financial Aid Opportunities

  • Visit the University Financial Services website to be informed of essential tuition and fee information such as billing, payment methods, critical dates, and contact information.
  • All questions regarding financial assistance such as need-based scholarships, grants, loans and work-study should be directed to Victoria Houghton, the College of Law’s Financial Aid Coordinator at (352) 273-0620 or torilovejoy@ufl.edu.
  • For other relevant news, administrative messages and announcements are also often posted on a glass covered bulletin board in front of the Office of Student Affairs. The Office of Student Affairs encourages students to use our e-mail address: student.svc@law.ufl.edu for general questions, inquiries to specific staff members and financial aid information. This electronic mail is routed to the appropriate staff member and responses are returned as soon as possible.

Job Bank, On-Campus Interviews and Other Career Services

  • Transfer students are eligible for participation in On-Campus Interviews and other services provided by the Center for Career Development (CCD), so once you have done the above, it is crucial that you connect with the CCD office as soon as possible. Once you have your @ufl.edu account set up, come by the office so that we can add you to our Symplicity system providing access to our job bank and On Campus Interview program. You will also need to complete our Interviewing Policies & Procedures Form.
  • Finally, here is a note regarding On-Campus Interviews. Our Early Interview Week (EIW) of On-Campus Interviews takes place in August, the week prior to fall classes beginning. Bidding for this phase of employers happens over the summer, typically in early July. Only those students who are admitted AND have completed the Interviewing P&P Form, as well as received access to Symplicity, will be able to bid and have materials submitted to EIW employers. For students who are unable to meet the deadlines, you will not be able to submit materials to or contact the EIW employers until after they have completed their interviews here on campus during the EIW phase. This is the same rule that current students are required to abide by should they miss the bidding phase.

We look forward to working with you.

For additional questions, please contact the Center for Career Development at careers@law.ufl.edu or (352) 273-0860.