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With your GatorLink username and password, you can logon to ONE.UF, the student information system. ONE.UF is the university’s secure web site, and it is your gateway to:

  • Course registration
  • Schedule adjustment (drop/add)
  • Fee payments
  • Financial aid
  • Grades
  • Holds
  • Address changes
  • Degree audits
  • Degree shopping
  • Degree applications
  • Your class schedule
  • Transcripts
  • Your directory information
  • Federal loan interviews
  • Course descriptions
  • Textbook information

Registration Process

Registration Tips

  • ONE.UF is not available all the time, from 3:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. generally, so keep this in mind when registration start times are enforced.
  • Plan your course selections in advance; if you exceed the time limits the system will disconnect. If you time out, previously confirmed drops and adds will be retained, but unsaved requests will be lost and you will have to log on again. Your Internet Service Provider may also enforce time limits for periods of inactivity.
  • While ONE.UF will guide you through course requirements, not all requirements are managed by ONE.UF. Check the College of Law website for course requirements: course schedules. The College of Law can drop you if you do not meet course requirements. If you do have to drop the course, do so before the last day of drop/add in the term or you will be liable for the tuition and fees.
  • Variable credit courses require you to enter the number of credits in a two-digit format; three credits would be entered as 03. If you register for an incorrect number of credits, you must drop the course and add it again with the correct credits.
  • If you need special assistance to register, please contact the Office of Student Affairs in 164 Holland Hall, (352) 273-0620.

To Register on ONE.UF

  • You may find a complete course schedule and list of course descriptions on the Office of Student Affairs website: course schedules. Access this schedule to plan the courses you want to register for, including several backups.
  • Using your GatorLink username and password, log on to ONE.UF. If you need assistance, please contact the help desk at 392-HELP.
  • If you are unable to register due to a notification for Holds, go to Registration Holds under My Record to view the ‘holds’ on your record that could prevent you from registering. One such hold is the Registration preparation hold which is a registration acknowledgement and it must be completed each term prior to registration. By completing this acknowledgement, you are agreeing that you understand that you are liable for all fees for courses that are on your schedule as of the end of the drop/add period of the given term. Once all holds have been cleared, you should be ready to register for available classes.
  • To Register for classes, the registration link will be in the My Online Services menu underneath the Register Now section. The Registration page will provide you with your personal information, your current schedule and the options you may use to search for courses to adjust your schedule. Your search options include a search for all courses, for courses that meet your schedule and add a section. Once you have specified a course to add, click onto the Add Section button. You will then confirm the add with your Gatorlink password. You will drop courses in a similar manner. Once the course is added to your schedule, there will be a drop section button. To drop the section, click onto the drop section button. You will confirm the drop with your Gatorlink password.
  • Always review your schedule carefully once you have completed the drop/add process. If possible, print a copy of your schedule each time you register to keep track of your transactions.
  • For a detailed explanation of the registration process on ONE.UF, please view our presentation on registration.

After You Register

  • Use ONE.UF to view the textbook requirements for each of your courses.
  • Log into ONE.UF using your GatorLink username and password
  • A list of textbooks based on your current class schedule will be displayed.

OR you may view the text book for a particular course by following these directions:

Course Textbooks Requirements Page

  • Follow this link
  • You will be on the “Course Textbooks Requirement Page”
  • Select the term in which you are seeking information
  • Select “Law”
  • Select a “Course Number” current class schedule with course and section numbers is available on the law school web page. Go to www.law.ufl.edu, select “Student Affairs”, “Course Schedules” and select the term in which you are seeking information.
  • Select the appropriate section for the course number previously selected.
  • The list of textbooks for that Course Number selected will be displayed.