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Extracurricular Organizations

Extracurricular Organizations

All extracurricular organizations within the law school are the responsibility of the Law College Council, except for the John Marshall Bar Association. The Law College Council funds and coordinates the activities of the law school’s extracurricular organizations.

Feel free to contact the Office of Student Affairs at (352) 273-0620 or student.svc@law.ufl.edu if more information is needed about any of these organizations.

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American Bar Association-Law Student Division

American Bar Association-Law Student Division website
The Chapter of the American Bar Association-Law Student Division at the University of Florida is a national voluntary professional organization that promotes professionalism and service among lawyers. The ABA-LSD Chapter brings the many opportunities offered by the national ABA directly to University of Florida law students, including leadership and community service opportunities as well as student competitions. The ABA’s many sections and divisions help students explore practice specialties and areas of interest, as well as provide opportunities to network.

American Constitution Society for Law and Policy

American Constitution Society for Law and Policy website
The American Constitution Society for Law and Policy (ACS) is a national organization comprised of lawyers, law students, scholars, judges, policymakers and other concerned individuals. Our mission is to ensure that fundamental principles of human dignity, individual rights and liberties, genuine equality, and access to justice enjoy their rightful, central place in American law. ACS at UF Law sponsors speakers, debates and other programs on subjects such as federalism, affirmative action, and the scope of congressional power. Among those who have spoken at ACS at UF Law events are former Attorney General Janet Reno, Justice Peggy Quince of the Florida Supreme Court and renowned constitutional law scholar Erwin Chemerinsky.

Art Law Society

The Art Law Society is established for the purpose of developing interest in art law and cultural property law. We exist to keep students informed about current and complex legal issues in the art world by tracking the life of the artwork from its inception to its ultimate resting place. As a work of art matures to completion, legal issues involving ownership, moral rights, and transactions may come into play as artists use legal instruments to make arrangements with independent buyers, family and friends, or various institutions for the disposition of art. The Art Law Society seeks to engage students in a legal discussion of these issues, as well as the independent issues involving forgery, theft, and the repatriation of cultural property. We strive to understand the integral relationships that the various facets of law can have on one of our most important forms of human cultural expression art. Any interested UF student is encouraged to join. Art Law Society is listed on Facebook under “Art Law Society”. This site is intended to keep students informed of current opportunities for involvement in the Gainesville community, on the University of Florida’s main campus, and within the wide world of art law. Additionally, each year the Art Law Society hosts its annual UF Law Student/ Faculty Art Show in the Legal Information Center located at the University of Florida Levin College of Law.

Asian & Pacific American Law Student Association

APALSA members are interested in the growth of the Asian legal community and development of Asian and Asian-American legal and cultural issues. Its events and activities have included symposia on issues such as Afghan Women under the Taliban, Chinese New Year celebrations, Speaker Engagement Symposiums and member-organized trips to Asia. UF’s chapter of this national organization has been active since 1994.

Association for Law and Business

The ALB is the premier student organization for the advancement of business law study in the State of Florida. Members share an interest in all areas of business law, including Securities, Corporate, Bankruptcy, and Intellectual Property law. Through its relationship with the Business Law Section of the Florida Bar, the ALB brings law students, professors, and practicing attorneys together by offering distinguished guest speakers, social events, and research and publication opportunities to the student body. The ALB also provides guidance to its members in choosing business law as a curriculum and career.

Association for Tax Law

Association for Tax Law website
UF is ranked 2nd in the country for tax law. Association for Tax Law is the only JD student organization which promotes the study of tax law at the JD level. The organization will participate in two national tax competitions, National Tax Moot Court and ABA Tax Challenge (a transactional competition), host related speakers, host a panel of professors who answer questions about their course offerings, and maintain an alumni database that allows members access to a national networking system. Participation in VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Association) is one of the most important aspects of the organization.

Association of Public Interest Law

APIL distributes information on public interest law and brings numerous speakers to the law school. Members organize LawLawPalooza —an annual fundraiser for fellowships for law students pursuing a public interest career — and other events to support students volunteering at non-profit legal organizations.

Black Law Students Association, W. George Allen Chapter

BLSA provides a voice for students of color within the law school and strengthens the bond between the administration, faculty and students. BLSA hosts general body meetings and conduct numerous events each year, including academic success programs, community service activities, mentoring programs, and the Virgil Hawkins Awards Gala.

Caribbean Law Students Association

CLSA educates the law school community about the Caribbean and highlights legal issues affecting the Caribbean community. Students interested in learning about the Caribbean culture, regardless of whether they have ties to the region, are encouraged to join. Meetings are held monthly to give members an opportunity to network, eat, and learn about current legal issues from prominent Caribbean Speakers. CLSA partakes in various community service projects within the Gainesville community. Pease sign up on the CaribLaw Twen site to learn more.

Christian Legal Society

CLS is a local and national network of attorneys and law students dedicated to providing members with a purpose-filled life. Its weekly meetings are designed to facilitate spiritual discussion and encouragement, while also providing time for guest speakers, forums, and community service. Members are afforded opportunities to hone their leadership skills by planning campus-wide events and community service projects. Activities include Bible studies, feeding the homeless at the St. Francis House, and partnering with other campus groups to raise awareness on certain social justice issues, like international sex-trafficking and slavery.

Corporate and Securities Litigation Group

The Corporate and Securities Litigation Group provides a platform for students interested in the different aspects of corporate law including but not limited to, securities, financial services, commercial, and bankruptcy law. The Corporate and Securities Litigation Group also includes the Corporate and Securities Moot Court Team. The Moot Court Team provides a simulation of appellate argument and an excellent opportunity for members to develop written and oral advocacy skills, compete with students from law schools across the nation, and meet practitioners and jurists in the different business law fields.

Criminal Law Association

The mission of the CLA is to provide members, law students, and the local Gainesville community with criminal law-related information, activities, leadership opportunities, education, speakers, and community service.

The CLA is the only student organization at UF Law with a focus in criminal law. The CLA works closely with the professors and staff of the UF Criminal Justice Center to further its mission.

Cuban American Bar Association – CABA

The Cuban American Bar Association’s (CABA) mission is to promote equality of our members; serve the public interest by increasing awareness of the study of jurisprudence; foster respect for the law; promote and preserve high standards of integrity, honor, and professional courtesy among our peers; build close relationships among our members; support the Cuban-American indigent community; and increase diversity in the judiciary and legal community.
The CABA-UF Chapter will strive to advance the relationships between student members and the professional members of the Cuban American Bar Association by promoting networking events and functions hosted by the Cuban American Bar Association while encouraging on-campus appearances of the professionals that compose its body. Members include students of Cuban, Cuban-American descent, as well as those who are not of Cuban descent, but are interested in issues affecting the Cuban community.

Eighth Judicial Circuit Law Student Association (EJCLSA)

Eighth Judicial Circuit Law Student Association Website
The Eighth Judicial Circuit Law Student Association (EJCLSA) was established for the purposes of facilitating contact between local attorneys and law students and encouraging awareness of local legal issues and activities. The EJCLSA works directly with the local 8th Judicial Circuit Bar association (EJCBA) to provide students the opportunity to network with local attorneys, serve on EJCBA planning committees, and participate in the mentoring program.

Entertainment & Sports Law Society

The Entertainment & Sports Law Society serves students interested in sports and entertainment law through opportunities to network in the field. Members organize a yearly symposium, which brings in the best and brightest minds from the sports profession. Other entertainment and sports professionals are invited to the university to speak throughout the year.

Environmental and Land Use Law Society (ELULS)

ELULS seeks to promote an understanding of the legal aspects of environmental protection, inform individuals as to the necessity for improvements in environmental protection, foster the development of sound environmental legislation, measure the effects of environmental litigation, and assist other groups involved in environmental education.

Estates and Trusts Law Society

ETLS works with law students interested in estate planning, probate administration, probate litigation and elder law.

Family Law Society

The objectives of the group are as follows: 1. To acquaint the student body with the important and prevalent issues in family law affecting students and practicing lawyers. 2. To conduct charitable works in the community focused on family law issues. 3. To make contacts in the family law field for the graduates of the University of Florida, Levin College of Law. 4. To conduct fundraisers for specific charities within the University of Florida and the surrounding Gainesville community. 5. To create community outreach programs, specifically directed at the children of Alachua County.

Federalist Society

Federalist Society Webpage
The Federalist Society enlivens campus discussion and debate by raising awareness of the libertarian/conservative viewpoint. The organization sponsors speakers and coordinates a trip for members each year to Washington D.C. to meet other members from around the country.

Florida Association for Women Lawyers

FAWL’s mission is to actively promote gender equality and the leadership roles of FAWL’s members in the legal profession, judiciary and community at large. To achieve these goals, FAWL will uphold the highest standard of integrity, honor and courtesy in the legal profession, promote reform in law, and facilitate administration of justice. This organization is open to both men and women that believe in FAWL’s mission statement. For more information, prospective and current students are encouraged to contact us at fawluf@gmail.com.

Florida Bar Young Lawyers Division Law Student Division

The Florida Bar Young Lawyers Division Law Student Division is comprised of law students around the state who work together to facilitate a smooth transition between law school and the practice of law. The Division works with The Florida Bar Young Lawyers Division, local bar associations, and practicing attorneys to provide networking, mentoring, legal education, and community service opportunities to Law Student Division members.

Florida Blue Key

Florida Blue Key is the oldest leadership honorary in the state of Florida.  Florida Blue Key focuses on leadership and public service to the University of Florida and the Sunshine State through its active chapter and alumni societies throughout Florida.

Florida Student Law Brief

The Florida Student Law Brief is a student news organization serving as a one-stop shop for UF Law students. Our goal is to provide the students with timely articles and a user-friendly all in-one calendar for college and student-run events. Our articles feature faculty, students, alumni, and UF Law related events.

Gators for Alternative Dispute Resolution (GADR)

GADR is a student-run organization that engages law students, faculty, and conflict resolution professionals in a university based setting. Our chapter enhances the knowledge and skills of students by partnering them with talented practitioners and global student networks. We sponsor discussions and forums featuring accomplished conflict resolution specialists. We have three main divisions which cover a wide variety of ADR subjects.”Mediators Beyond Borders” provides valuable opportunities for scholarship and field work to be conducted around the world.

“Conflict Resolution Initiative” works hand-in-hand with Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution on main campus to help resolve student issues, as well as work for the community to resolve small claims issues outside of court. Through CRI, we are able to offer students an annual Mediation Training session which will help them towards getting their certification. Mediation is required in almost all small claims cases, and most divorce cases, and having a mediation certification under your belt is one way to make yourself more diverse to employers.

“ADR Competition Team” is for those students who have a competitive side. What better way to practice your negotiation skills than by joining our team, which competes nationally.Click here to learn more about the ADR Competition Team.

Health Care Law Society

HCLS promotes Healthcare Law and helps those interested in pursuing a career in the field. HCLS will host Healthcare Law professionals as well as promote conferences. Membership is open to UF students. HCLS is listed on TWEN and Facebook under the Health Care Law Society. Feel free to sign up for both sites.

Immigration Law Association (ILA)

ILA’s mission is to expose law students to the evolving area of immigration law through guest speakers, presentations, and conferences. We aim to provide opportunities for students to volunteer and serve the immigrant community as well as facilitate career opportunities through an ongoing efforts to maintain active relationships with the immigration legal community in both the public and private sectors.

Intellectual Property & Technology Law Association

IPTLA provides a forum for students interested in intellectual property law to socialize and learn more about the field and career opportunities. The club meets every two to three weeks and hosts social events. Members have conducted an intellectual property & computer law symposium and are currently organizing an intellectual property moot court trial team to participate in national competitions.

International Law Society

ILS promotes interest and understanding of international law and global affairs by hosting numerous events throughout each semester, including a theme party with professors who specialize in international law. The organization also hosts a potluck dinner each semester to swap international recipes and meet incoming foreign LL.M. students and exchange students.

Jewish Law Students Association

JLSA provides an outlet for Jewish law students to engage in Jewish activities, meet and interact with other Jewish law students, develop peer relations, and network within the Jewish law community. Members also explore the connection between the study of the American legal system and Jewish ethics and law. The organization sponsors a Shabbat dinner each semester with Jewish law professors.

John Marshall Bar Association

JMBA Website

The John Marshall Bar Association (JMBA) is UF Law’s student bar association. JMBA’s mission is to build a strong student community by enhancing the student social experience and serving as the liaison between the UF Law Administration and Student Body. JMBA hosts many social events throughout the year, such as Thirsty Thursdays, Woodser, Barristers Ball, Tailgates, Halloween Parties and the UF Law football block.

JMBA also provides student networking opportunities with upperclassmen and alumni. JMBA balances its social opportunities with scholastic support and student advocacy. JMBA membership allows students access to top outlines, class notes, and experienced student mentors. JMBA also cosponsors a professionalism week, which prepares students for interviews and interactions in the professional sphere.

JMBA holds multiple town halls, where students can voice their concerns directly to the UF Law deans. Additionally, JMBA executive board members attend faculty meetings which allows them to voice student concerns and advocate for improvements to the student experience. Importantly, JMBA gives back to local communities and charities by hosting canned food drives, fundraisers, and philanthropic events. Joining JMBA will enhance your social experience, scholastic success, student experience, and professional network.

Latino Law Student Association (LLSA)

The Latino Law Student Association (LLSA) is a new organization at the University of Florida Levin College of Law. LLSA is the product of a merger between the Hispanic Latino Law Student Association and the Spanish American Law Student Association. We are a network of Latino law students dedicated to spreading awareness and appreciation for Latino culture. We organize events that bring Latino students closer to each other and the local Latino community. Academically, we provide our student members access to resources that will foster and sustain their success at UF Law. Socially, we like to have fun. LLSA is not limited to Latino students only; we encourage anyone who is interested Latino culture to join.

Law Association for Women

LAW hosts meetings, fundraisers, and speaker events to raise awareness at Levin about issues concerning women. Each fall, LAW hosts a silent auction to benefit a charity committed to women’s issues. Offered at this auction are various items and opportunities, such as dinner with a favorite professor, that are sought after by students. LAW has regular meetings and invites all law students to attend.

Law College Council

LCC has funding control over Extracurricular organizations within the law school and operates under the Board of College Councils and Student Government. In addition, LCC presents law student views and interests to the administration and UF Student Government, allocates budgeted Student Government funds to eligible member organizations, and encourages interaction between member organizations. LCC hosts a Student Organization Fair at the beginning of each semester to enable incoming students to become familiar withe the many organizations available at the college.

Law School Democrats

LSD represents the Democratic party and its platform at the college by inviting leading democratic speakers to campus, hosting special events and volunteering for the party.

Law School Republicans

The Law School Republicans is an organization dedicated to raising awareness of the Republican Party and its principles among the law school community. LSR provides opportunities to network, hear from guest speakers, and become involved in the Republican Party.

Law Student Division of The Florida Bar

The mission of the Law Student Division of The Florida Bar (“LSD”) is to assist The Florida Bar Young Lawyers Division (“YLD”) in furthering the goals of The Florida Bar. The LSD is designed to encourage interest in, and participation by, Division members in the purposes of the YLD. The LSD connects law students to YLD members, through a variety of activities and projects designed to be of interest and assistance to Division members, and engages in such activities that tend to further the best interests of the legal profession.The LSD, in conjunction with the YLD, coordinates activities for law students providing discussion and free interchange of ideas relative to the duties, responsibilities, and problems faced by members of the legal profession. The LSD and YLD also provide mentoring opportunities, which provide professionalism training in order to enhance the integrity and reputation of the legal professional. The LSD is encouraged to aid the YLD in serving the public, particularly those persons outside the legal profession, through statewide and local community service projects and pro bono service. As a liaison between law schools and the YLD, the LSD promotes diversity in all areas of the study and practice of law. The LSD stimulates and encourages the interest and participation of law students in the YLD and The Florida Bar.

Law Transfer Student Organization (LTSO)

Law Transfer Student Organization (LTSO) website
This organization was created for students transferring to the Levin College of Law. It facilitates the transfer process by seamlessly integrating students into the law school student body academically, professionally, and socially.

Law Yoga Club

The Law Yoga Club provides students and faculty the opportunity to attend a yoga class taught by Professor Drake. The Law Yoga Club helps relax and calm students, and teaches students different ways to handle the stresses of law school. The Law Yoga Club meets weekly in the Martin H. Levin Advocacy Center.

Mental Health Law Association (MHLA)

The Mental Health Law Association (MHLA) aims to serve the UF Levin College of Law students by providing educational and networking opportunities in the mental health law field. Our goal is to develop a respectful community by creating a conversation about the different issues arising in mental health law. We hope to work on squashing stigmas, and providing a more open environment for individuals with mental illness in the legal sphere. Speaking engagements with legal professionals from the field will help to educate students and raise awareness about mental health. We hope to create a nexus of opportunities within the local legal community to provide hands on experience with mental health as it interacts with the law.

Middle Eastern Law Students Association (MELSA)

The Middle Eastern Law Students Association is established for the purpose of developing academic awareness and dialogue in the legal community regarding the important legal, political, social, and cultural realities of the Middle East. MELSA provides a networking system for anyone who is of Middle Eastern descent or has an interest in the region. MELSA’s activities vary from academic discussions and lectures to cultural and community-building events. MELSA hopes to foster effective dialogue and educate anyone who seeks to learn about the Middle East.

Military Law Student Association

MLSA provides support for members and the community and is working to develop a local and national network of attorneys and law students who serve or have served in the military. It holds weekly meetings, forums, guest speakers and social activities, and last year held highly successful “Books for Tots” and “Toys for Tots” drives.

Native American Law Student Association

The University of Florida Native American Law Students Association (NALSA) is a student-run organization committed to maintaining a positive environment for Native American students at the UF Law School, and is composed of Native American law students and students interested in issues affecting Natives communities. NALSA, first and foremost strives to provide a support system for Native American law students by providing academic support, career networking, and social events. NALSA also works to promote awareness and understanding of Federal Indian and Tribal Law issues; support student and faculty inquiries into these areas of law; and recruit Native students to the Levin College of Law.


Outlaw provides lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered students and their supporters an outlet to express and discuss their views. Members work to increase community awareness of issues relating to gender and sexual orientation and hold regular meetings and numerous awareness events throughout campus.

Phi Alpha Delta

Phi Alpha Delta is the world’s largest legal fraternity and promotes scholarship, compassion, integrity and competence. Members of UF’s chapter sell business cards to students and give tours of the law school to visitors. PAD supports the community, often conducting food drives and fundraisers, and holds numerous social events for members year-round.

Phi Delta Phi

Phi Delta Phi International Legal Fraternity was established in 1869 to promote a higher standard of professional ethics, and is among the oldest legal organizations in North America. Its nearly 200,000 initiated members include more judges, American presidents, governors, senators, representatives, cabinet members, ambassadors, American Bar Association presidents, Association of American Law School presidents and law school deans than any other legal fraternity.

Public Interest Environmental Conference (PIEC)

PIEC website

Each spring, the Environmental and Land Use Law Society at the University of Florida Levin College of Law hosts the Public Interest Environmental Conference, a three-day conference devoted to discussing current issues affecting Florida’s natural environment. Now in its 19th year, the Conference has a national reputation for excellence and brings together a broad array of lawyers, scientists, policymakers, activists, and students.

Real Property Law Association

The Real Property Law Association provides a forum for students interested in real property — specifically real estate — to socialize and learn more about the field and career opportunities. It meets every two to three weeks, hosts guest speakers and coordinates social events.

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance

VITA Website
VITA is a national organization overseen by the Internal Revenue Service. UF’s chapter helps lower-income taxpayers from the community complete their personal income tax forms. At the beginning of spring semester, VITA sets up a volunteer schedule to assist taxpayers through April 15. Volunteers gain practical experience in tax compliance while serving the community.