Levin College of Law

Reciprocity Request Form

This form is for use by UF Law students only. If you wish to request reciprocity at the UF Levin College of Law, please contact your career development office.

The University of Florida Levin College of Law participates in reciprocity privileges with other participating law schools.  The reciprocity program permits an exchange of career resources and job postings between participating schools. This privilege allows out-of-area law students and alumni to use career development office resources in locations closer to the place where they are seeking employment.

Please note that most law schools suspend reciprocity privileges during the fall OCI season and some schools limit access to listings by requiring on-campus visits instead of online access.  Additionally, some schools prohibit us from requesting reciprocity for you at more than one law school in any one city.   This service is a courtesy between law schools and guidelines should be adhered to strictly.  After determining the law school you are interested in, and reviewing its policy, please complete our reciprocity request form.   We will then seek reciprocity privileges on your behalf. Review our Reciprocity Policy. For more information on reciprocity policies from other law schools, visit www.nalp.org.

Reciprocity Request Form

  • Please list all schools at which you would like to request reciprocity.