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Language Accommodation Form

Language Accommodation Form

Please fill out the form completely and click SUBMIT when finished (Problems? webmaster@law.ufl.edu).
  • Select your degree program from the drop-down list
  • Course Name & Section NumberExam Date & Time on Schedule 
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  • If you are claiming English as your second language, please tell us what your first language is.
  • BEFORE submitting this form, please be advised of the following:

    1. You are not to contact your professors.

    2. All information that you submit shall be verified. *Submitting incorrect information could result in a student code of conduct violation, an honor code violation, or both.

    3. PLEDGE: By submitting this form, you understand that you are HONOR CODE bound to make only legitimate requests.

    4. Your request shall not be granted automatically. The Assistant Dean will notify you in writing via e-mail of the time accommodation being granted.

    5. Room assignments shall be posted each morning outside of Student Affairs during the exam period.

Published: June 21st, 2012

Category: Student Affairs

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