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Hernandez-Truyol, Lidsky, McLendon, and Mills travel to University of Havana

In November 2015, Berta Hernández-Truyol, Lyrissa Lidsky, Timothy McLendon, Jon Mills, and Philip Williams (Director of the Center for Latin American Studies) traveled to University of Havana (Havana, Cuba) to plan a joint Law and Policy in the Americas Conference in 2016. The visit further developed relations between the two universities – Havana faculty members Dra. Marta […]

Anniversary and influence: Forty years after the Cuban-American Lawyers Program

There was much praise of America and the University of Florida during the Cuban-American Lawyers 40th anniversary celebration at UF Law. America for the freedom it conferred on lawyers and their families escaping the regime of Communist dictator Fidel Castro and the university for its embrace of Cuban lawyers who had gained freedom but lost […]

Human Rights and International Law

Photo of Hernadez

Levin Mabie and Levin Professor of Law The Levin Mabie and Levin Professor of Law, Professor Hernández-Truyol’s research focuses on international human rights and her particular interests lie in exploring issues of gender, race, culture, sexuality and language, and their interconnectivity. She is part of a team of UF scholars immersed in engagement with Cuba. […]