Levin College of Law

Remote Access

Law school faculty and staff are able to remotely access their files, email, and common applications via remote desktop server. Please refer to the following instructions to gain access to the remote desktop server:

1. Please download (right-click the link and select “Save Link As”) the remote desktop configuration file located at /_media/about/services/technology-services/lawts.rdp.

2. Next, double-click the newly downloaded file (named “lawts.rdp”) to initiate the remote connection.

3. Once the connection is established, you will be presented with a new screen containing a username and password prompt.

4. Simply enter your GatorLink username and password to access the remote desktop server.

*Please Note* If you do not have the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac installed with Microsoft Office for Mac 2011, you will need to download and install the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac 2.1.1 in order to access the remote desktop server.  The client installation download and instructions can be found at http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=18140.

Remove File Access FAQs

The following is a list of commonly asked questions regarding the use of the remote desktop server at the College of Law:

Q. What software is currently installed on the remote desktop server?

A. Installed applications include Microsoft Office 2016, WordPerfect X8, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer.

Q. What network drives are accessible on the remote desktop server?

A. Once logged in, you’ll have full access to your X: and O: drives. Departments that utilize the T: drive mapping will also have access to this drive via the remote desktop server.

Q. Can I move files between my computer and the network drives?

A. Yes, you can freely move files between your PC’s hard drive(s) and your available network drives. This applies to Mac users as well.

Q. How long can I stay connected to the remote desktop server?

A. Once connected, you will remain so as long as you’re working. The server will, however, disconnect any session after two hours of inactivity. Once disconnected, your desktop session will remain accessible for an additional hour. This will allow you to log in again in order to save any unsaved work. After three hours of inactivity have passed, all unsaved work will be lost, so please save early and often.

Q. How do I disconnect from the remote desktop server?

A. As mentioned previously, once a remote desktop session is disconnected, it will remain accessible for one hour. This means any running programs or open documents will still be open if you reconnect within the hour. This is helpful if you wish to disconnect from one computer and reconnect with another.

To manually disconnect, you can click the close (red “x”) button on the open remote desktop window, or you can click the Start button and choose “Shut Down.” Click the drop menu (down arrow) button and choose “Disconnect” in the ensuing dialog box.

To completely end your session, simply click the Start button and choose “Log Off.” Please be aware that this will close all programs and open files currently running in the session.

Q. Can I access audio/video applications via the remote desktop server?

A. No, the remote desktop server is not designed to handle audio or video applications.