Semester in Practice

SEMESTER IN PRACTICE OPENS DOOR TO CAREERS This spring, dozens of third-year UF Law students engaged in sophisticated legal practice around the country through semester-long externships as part of the Semester in Practice program. The program, which tripled participation during

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Soaring to New Heights

UF Law’s first ever “Celebration of Legacy and Leadership” took place in April to recognize and honor the past while envisioning an even brighter future for the law school. “Your leadership continues to be critical in achieving our shared vision

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Gators hunting Gators

EACH YEAR, DEDICATED UF LAW ALUMNI come to Gainesville to help us recruit an outstanding entering class. This year was no exception. The law school hosted three on-campus programs for admitted students this spring: the Double Gator Day in late

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Equal marriage model

SIMONE CHRISS (3L) AND PROFESSOR DANAYA WRIGHT have entered the international conversation about same-sex marriage with an article published in the Italian law journal Genius. The article examines the evolution of the 50-year-old same-sex marriage debate in the U.S. It

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Wright and Chriss


WHEN ROBERT CUEVAS JR . ( JD 70) joined the Miami-Dade County Attorney’s Office in June 1970, he did so with the idea of staying for a couple years before moving on to the next phase of his legal career.

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Cuevas Headshot

Vision 2016

GATOR LAWYERS DOMINATE the Florida legal elite, and nowhere is this more apparent than the leadership of The Florida Bar. In June, William Schifino Jr. (JD 85) becomes the sixth UF Law alum in eight years to take the reins

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Schifino Board of Trustees

Turning the Tide

BILL TURNER IS A MAN WITH MANY interests and goals.He’s a former collegiate women’s golf coach, a semi-professional musician and actor and an avid runner. He also knows how to raise money for law schools, having done so at the

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Bill Turner