Council Seeks Alumni Participation

The UFLaw Alumni Council has launched an ambitious campaign to increase alumni participation in supporting students, faculty, programs and services. After reviewing programs at other law schools — including Duke and Virginia — the council implemented or restructured support programs, and added third-year student members and “class chairs” to help recruit and coordinate efforts of representatives from each graduating class.

A record 70 members attended the council meeting in September, where the gavel was passed from 2001-02 President Bruce Harris (JD 93, right) of Orlando to 2002-03 President Ken Johnson (JD 81) of Naples.

“Our objective is to help our school continue to improve,” Johnson said. “We need to increase interaction and involvement among alumni, law faculty, students and administration. We have wonderful human resources that, when properly tapped and channeled, will allow us to offer an even more outstanding educational experience.”

The council (founded in 1983) and Law Center Association Inc. Board of Trustees (1960) are the primary support and advisory boards for the law school and assist with raising private funds to cover expenses not met through state support, tuition or endowment income.

In 2001-02, the council played an important role in the successful campaign for a $25 million facilities expansion and renovation project (see page 33). In addition, through mail and phone campaigns, the council encourages alumni to participate in the Annual Fund, which provides unrestricted and restricted support for law students and student organizations, faculty, and academic programs. Class representatives also serve as reunion co-chairs.