Top Tax


An arc of excellence

Top scholars, student immersion keep Grad Tax No. 1.

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The Foundations of Graduate Tax

UF Law started its graduate tax program in 1974 with some of the top figures in the field, and they quickly established one of the nation’s top centers for scholarship and tax law education.

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Corporate taxation and its discontents

It’s a tangled mess and a creature of Congress. Guess who’s trying to fix it.

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Devil is in the details of corporate tax reform

What’s the best way to transform the business tax code? Well, it all depends on the details, if you ask Karen Burke, the Richard B. Stephens Eminent Scholar and one of UF Law’s newest faculty members.

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A less scenic tax haven

Will U.S. crackdown on offshore banks drive cash into bitcoins? The days may be coming to an end when Americans could send income to summer tax-free in the Swiss Alps or winter in the Caribbean.

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Premier tax talk

Grad tax alumni launch high-powered institute

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Top honors

Calfee’s tax lawyer of the year award latest in line of faculty honors

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