BEST BAR PASSAGE RATE UFLAW Students Continue Success

Continuing their record of success over the last seven years, Levin College of Law students came out on top in the Florida Bar spring examination according to data released by the Florida Supreme Court.

Better than 82 percent of UFLaw students taking the exam in February for the first time passed, making it the ninth time in the last 15 tests given that Levin College of Law students lead the state’s eight private and public law schools from which students are being tested. In four of the other exams, UF finished second, giving it the best overall record of any law school in Florida.

A total of 956 took the February test, with 728 – or 76.2 percent passing. UF had 126 of 153 participants pass, or 82.4 percent. Other Florida law school passage rates were Florida State University, 80.5 percent; Stetson, 77.3; Nova Southeastern, 73.1; Florida Coastal, 69.8; University of Miami, 67.9; St. Thomas, 58.1; and Barry University of Orlando, 37.5. Law graduates from non-Florida law schools had a 79.6 rate.

Florida Bar Board of Examiners, an administrative arm of the State Supreme Court, conducts exams every February and July for law school graduates seeking to practice law in Florida. An average of about 900 take the early test each year, and close to 1900 take each summer test.

In the last eight February tests, UF graduates have been first five times and second twice in terms of percentage passing. In the last seven July tests, UF grads finished first four times and second once.