Faculty Profile: Paul McDaniel

— By Jason Silver

It’s no secret that UF Law’s taxation program is one of the nation’s best, and it’s because of scholars like Paul R. McDaniel, who has worked at the Department of Treasury and taught the subject for more than 30 years.

McDaniel, who has co-authored eight books and more than 50 articles on taxation, arrived at UF Law after serving as the director of New York University’s Graduate Tax and International Tax Program. The opportunity to get to know students at UF Law separates it from past institutions he’s been part of, he said.

“A major difference is that the graduate tax program at UF is about half the size of NYU’s,” McDaniel said. “The result is an extremely gratifying experience when it comes to getting to know students and working with them on a regular basis.”

One of McDaniel’s biggest contributions to UF Law is his role in advancing the International Tax Law program. He uses his experiences from NYU to help the program grow at UF Law, he said.

“The program is great because it attracts some really outstanding students from other countries,” he said. “I’ve been able to bring my past experiences to bear to help adapt the program at UF Law and make the process smoother.”

One of the more unique courses McDaniel teaches involves students from different countries working together on one team to reach a common goal, he said.

“One of the new courses I teach called International Tax Planning puts students on teams of three, with each student being from a different country. They have to work with the laws and treaties to figure out an optimal tax strategy,” he said. “Every course I teach is different because the students are all from different places, and it has proven to be a very rewarding experience.”

Throughout his career McDaniel has served the federal government by working with the Department of Treasury in the office of the Tax Legislative Counsel, where he was responsible for developing tax legislation and overseeing the issue of regulations by the Internal Revenue Service. In the 1970s he worked with Sen. Ted Kennedy on federal income tax law.

“No matter what I’ve done with the government, every opportunity has been very stimulating and rewarding,” McDaniel said. “I’m always trying to have a positive impact on tax policy and legislation in the United States.”