The UFLaw Law Center Association Board of Trustees is helping raise an additional $1.3 million by year-end toward a $5 million renovation of the existing Holland Hall Law Center. The funding will be used to update the classroom and faculty office building, built in 1969 and named after former Florida Governor and U.S. Senator Spessard Holland (JD 16).

“We have a window of opportunity to turn $1.3 million in private funding into an additional $3.7 million to take care of our needs to revitalize a legacy,” Mills said. “The Holland Law Center was the cornerstone more than 30 years ago of the university’s initial effort to begin building one of the ‘Top 10’ public law schools in this country.”

The $1.3 million — needed by December 31 — will be used to apply for matching state funds and combined with $2 million from UF’s budget for interior equipment and furnishings to result in the $5 million required to upgrade the center to current building and technology standards. (See page 33 for story on new and expanded College of Law facilities).

For information or to participate, contact UFLaw Development and Alumni Affairs (352.392.9296).