A Decade of Transformation

By Kara Carnley-Murrhee

A brand new glassfronted Martin H. Levin Advocacy Center beckons from Village Drive and 2nd Avenue. Wandering into the courtyard visitors find the key buildings – Holland Hall, the Legal Information Center and Bruton-Geer Hall – bigger and more beautiful than ever. The bridge that used to link the buildings is gone, replaced by a causeway on the exterior of Holland, Bruton-Geer and the library. The square is completed by the 2003-2005 construction project that includes the Stephen A. Zack Tower on the west side and the Chesterfield Smith Ceremonial Classroom on the east. On the ground level, the Marcia Whitney Schott Courtyard buzzes with activity. In fair weather, it plays host to barbecues, auctions and law school clubs recruiting new members. But mostly, the courtyard is where students and faculty mix on a daily basis, strolling between classes, lunch, the library or meetings.

Construction to rebuild the law school began in July 2003, a project made possible by a fundraising campaign that kicked off in 2001. And soon after the square and buildings were completed, alumni and friends started giving toward construction of a new advocacy center. In all, the new and improved law campus represents a $30 million investment from donations combined with state funds.