Creative loafing for deferred associates

One UF Law graduate, who shall remain anonymous, has developed a Web site for newly- minted lawyers who suddenly find their jobs deferred, typically for a period of six months or longer. The site,, is designed to serve as a clearinghouse of ideas on how to spend those months of deferment pleasantly and profitably.

The law grad, using the pen name “The Deferred Associate,” writes, “Time off can be a blessing or a curse. Like law school and work, it is what you make of it. This site is designed to give some ideas and resources that will help you spin the time off into something positive.”

The site’s blog and news page invites commentary and news from readers, and the site’s suggestions for short-term job options one might consider during the time of deferment are both clever and sensible. For example, the site’s pro bono page is entitled, “Building up a Karma bank,” and part of the description reads, “Pro bono work gives you a chance to truly cut your teeth. If you want to, you’ll meet with tons of clients and spend time in court. If you don’t, you can pretty much pick what you’re interested in and jump in. Granted, you won’t find much pro bono antitrust, qui tam, or M&A work, but there is plenty of time for that later.”

Other ideas for wiling away the months of deferment include pursuing short-term judicial clerkships, going back to school as a student or a teacher, contract work, short-term solo practice or using the down time to travel to that special place you’ve always wanted to visit.

Visit for more entertaining but great ideas on how to make the most of your deferment.

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