Students form Faculty Recruitment Committee

In fall 2008, the Faculty Recruitment Committee was formed with the help of the Office of Student Affairs. The committee is led by founder David Kerner (2L) and Kali Feinman (2L) and consists of 16 diverse members of the law school community, ranging from 1Ls to members of the LLM tax program.

The committee, which works under the Faculty Appointments Committee, was designed to interact with professorial candidates who were invited to interview for a tenure-track faculty position.

“It is the FRC’s hope to put the student body’s best foot forward during this important function and to let the candidate know that our student body is involved and invested in the affairs of the law college,” said Kerner. “We believe that student body input is vital to the faculty recruitment process, and with the help of the members of the committee, I know we were able to fulfill the committee’s mission of doing just that.”