Levin College of Law

Walking & Biking

The UF Levin College of Law is located on the northwest side of campus at the corner of SW 25 St./ Village Drive and SW 2nd Ave. Finding housing in this area is advisable. If you live close to campus, walking is a great way to get exercise and avoid parking issues.

In addition, biking is a popular form of transportation on campus. There is an extensive network of bike lanes, paths and trails on campus that allow for safe and quick travel. There are bike racks all over campus so you can always find somewhere to lock your bike.

If you ride a bike, you will need a few important accessories:

  • Invest in a good “U-shaped” lock. If you do not lock your bike each time you leave it unattended, it may be stolen.
  • You will need to equip your bike with a headlight and a rear taillight if you plan to ride after dark – It’s the law.

Please note: When riding a bicycle on campus exercise caution and follow the State of Florida Bicycle Laws.

The University Police Department enforces these laws, and a violation may result in citation. This fee may be waived for your first citation by attending a bicycle safety class offered by the UPD Community Services Division (352) 392-1409. You do not have to wait to receive a bicycle citation to learn about bicycle safety; the class is open to anyone who wants to be a safer cyclist. For more information on State of Florida bicycle laws, UPD, UPD Community Services Division and bicycle safety, visit the University Police Department or call (352) 392-1111.

Bus Service

If you cannot find housing near the law school, the City of Gainesville has an extensive bus system that covers both the city and UF campus. Students and employees may ride any Regional Transit System (RTS) bus fare-free. Showing the driver your UF Gator One ID card will allow you to ride any bus anywhere in Gainesville (including campus). Most RTS buses are equipped with bike racks.

The bus routes cover nearly all of the apartment complexes in Gainesville and run at fairly brief intervals. Routes #5, #34 & #43 have stops near the law school, while many other routes go to the Reitz Union. See Routes and schedules.


The Levin College of Law is the only college at UF that offers car pool services for students, providing a reserved area with spots for each car pool. A car pool can consist of two students, if both live outside Alachua County, or three students if one or more lives inside Alachua County. The benefits of carpooling include: designated reserved parking areas at the law school, three emergency individual parking permits per semester, and reduced costs of parking per person (because only one decal must be purchased).

Download car pool sign-up instructions

To finalize the car pool process:

  1. You must fill out a form with the information of your car pool group. Download the car pool form.
  2. All students in the car pool group must complete the Car Pool Authorization Form, but only one student needs to return the forms to the Office of Student Affairs. A staff member in the office will verify the addresses and provide an official copy of each student’s course schedule. Only one member of the car pool group needs to return the Car Pool Authorization Form to the Student Affairs Office.
  3. The completed and verified Car Pool Authorization Form must be taken to Transportation and Parking services to purchase the proper decal. All car pool participants (two students if both live outside Alachua County or three students if one or more lives inside Alachua County) must be present with the verified Car Pool Authorization Form and a current Gator 1 Card in order to purchase the car pool decal. One commuter decal covers all the car pool participants. If a student in the car pool group has a commuter decal, the decal must be returned to Parking Services before the car pool decal will be issued. For more information, contact the Office of Parking Services at 392-2241.

If you or anyone else in your car pool group has a commuter decal, you will need to return it to Parking Services before you get a car pool decal issued to your group. For more information, contact the Office of Parking Services at 392-6655.