Levin College of Law

Employment Statistics

student talking with employer

UF Law reports a detailed analysis of hiring statistics 10 months after graduation. The breakdown of the most recent data available is below.

The previous three years of reports may be downloaded here:

ABA Reports

ABA Employment Summary for 2015 Graduates
ABA Employment Summary For 2014 Graduates
ABA Employment Summary For 2013 Graduates
ABA Employment Summary for 2012 Graduates

NALP Reports (partially redacted for privacy)

2015 NALP Summary Report (coming soon) (Class of 2014)
2014 NALP Summary Report (Class of 2014)
2013 NALP Summary Report (Class of 2013)
2012 NALP Summary Report (Class of 2012)
2011 NALP Summary Report (Class of 2011)