Levin College of Law

Student Services & Resources

Our team assists students and alumni in all aspects of career planning. Our experienced, professional counselors will guide you through the career development process. This process includes:

  • Providing an employment opportunity database called Symplicity
  • Hosting one of the region’s largest on-campus legal recruiting programs
  • Teaching you how to develop your legal credentials
  • Helping you capitalize on your diverse strengths and experiences
  • Providing guidance on how you can best market yourself to obtain your desired employment
  • Facilitating the exploration of legal and non-traditional career paths
  • Linking law students with alumni, practitioners and the community
  • Offering a wealth of career-related materials and publications

Job Postings on Symplicity

With Symplicity, you can review job postings, research more than 35,000 legal employers, upload your personal resume, and confidentially search for career opportunities anytime and from anywhere. It takes no time to set up your personal Symplicity account, and you can start having immediate access to exciting new career opportunities with the following:

  • Real-time access to alumni job postings.
  • Confidentially search new career opportunities.
  • Research more than 35,000 legal employers nationwide.
  • Upload personal resume for all recruiting legal employers to search.
  • Be more productive with your job search… your time is valuable.

On-Campus Interviewing (OCI)

Each year our office conducts one of the region’s largest On-Campus Interview (OCI) programs for legal employers who visit UF Law to interview students for summer and permanent employment. The entire OCI process from uploading your resume, bidding or selecting employers of interest, to the interview scheduling is all accomplished through Symplicity, our on-line program.

Resume Books

A Resume Book is exactly what it sounds like, a collection of resumes that can be distributed to employers on request. Our resume books collect the resumes of students and recent graduates in a particular class (e.g. 2Ls) with similar interests (e.g. corporate law, real estate law, or working in Miami), and then notify employers who fit those criteria that the books are available for review.

These books can also be used when an employer calls up our office looking for a particular type of student to clerk for them (“We are looking for a 3L interested in litigation who has worked as a CLI.”), so that we can respond quickly and efficiently to employer requests (in that case by looking at the 3L Litigation Resume Book for students who have been CLI interns).

To participate, go to Symplicity, click on the “Documents” tab, then “Opt-In Resume Book.” At the far right, click on “Select Resume Books.” You will see your resume listed and under that a drop down list of Resume Books for your class year. Select the correct Resume Books and then click on “Submit.”

Please Note: If you have not had your resume reviewed since last spring, you will need to have your career adviser review it before you can opt-in to a Resume Book. Your resume can be emailed to your career adviser for this purpose.

If you have additional questions about Resume Books, or would like your resume reviewed prior to opting in to a Resume Book, please contact your Career Services Advisor.

Alumni Mentor Program

The Alumni Mentoring Program helps connect UF Law students/graduates with alumni who have generously offered to serve as mentors to others who are interested in their particular practice area or geographical location.

The Alumni Mentoring Program is available to students via Symplicity.

Judicial Clerkship Programs

For information or assistance, please contact the Office of Career and Professional Development at 352.273.0860 or email careers@law.ufl.edu.
Judicial Clerkship handouts are available under Resources on Symplicity (https://law-ufl-csm.symplicity.com/students/) and offer important information on the application process, the interview and more.

Non-Discrimination Policy

In accordance with Bylaw 6-3 of the Association of American Law Schools, it is the policy of the University of Florida Levin College of Law to provide its students and graduates with equal opportunity to obtain employment, without discrimination or segregation on the ground of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, gender (including identity and expression), sexual orientation, age, or disability. Our office is committed to supporting an equal and fair evaluation of its law student and graduate job applicants on the basis of his or her individual merits. Therefore, our office is available only to employers whose employment practices are in compliance with these laws and policies.