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Economic Issues of Children and Families

Course Number: LAW 6936 Credits: 2

This seminar course addresses the systemic and pragmatic operation of Title IV-D child support establishment in the State of Florida. As this is a upper/high level information, knowledge and skills-based course, it is hoped that students will both learn and appreciate the interconnecting responsibilities, public policy and crucial importance that the Courts, the public as well as various State and Federal Agencies perform in trying to insure that all children receive dignity, support and a fair chance for success in life. After learning about the broad framework of the Title IV-D System, we will delve into and fully explore several troublesome public policy and socio-economic considerations that continue to plague the efficient operation of the child support/paternity establishment and enforcement components of this necessary but highly misunderstood social system mandated by the Federal Government. Ever ready to seek and implement pragmatic exploration of solutions to systemic challenges in this and associated social systems, each of you will be encouraged and afforded a semester-long opportunity to choose a problem area, perform in depth legal research, and formulate a series of sound solutions that you will present to the class, so that your problem and proposed solutions can be tested/critiqued in order to forge the best approach for improving policy & practice in this crucial yet constantly evolving societal endeavor.  The resulting final research papers will serve to enhance each students’ understanding and appreciation of the interconnectedness of public policy and less-than­ perfect human efforts to provide for those who cannot, or will not care for their own. This seminar provides an opportunity to satisfy the Advanced Writing Requirement.