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Florida Rules of Judicial Administration

Course Number: LAW 6930 Credits: 1

Florida’s Rules of Judicial Administration (RJA) govern every area of practice – including civil law, criminal law, family law, probate/guardianship law, juvenile law and appellate law. This rule set covers topics such as (1) the appearance and termination of an attorney in a case, (2) the representations that an attorney makes by affixing his or her signature to a document, (3) the determination of confidential and sensitive information and the requirement of an attorney to omit or redact such information, (4) how to e-file and e-serve documents, (5) the requirements for a document to be filed with the court, (6) accommodations for the disabled and (7) the process to disqualify a judicial officer. The course will discuss the rules and analyze case law interpreting the rules especially when there is conflict amongst the appellate courts. Students will draft notices and motions, review documents to identify confidential information, utilize the redaction process, and log in to the E-Portal system to both e-file and e-serve documents