Levin College of Law

Course Number: LAW 6031 Credits: 2-3

This course will analyze the market and regulatory architecture of key aspects of the US financial sector as it exists today, noting new regulations resulting from the last financial crisis of 2009.  We’ll open by studying the theory and history of regulations, then proceed to explore the central topic of banking-related financial activities, in particular consumer finance (e.g. mortgages and credit card loans), then the Florida Bar topic of retail payment systems (e.g. retail cash, checks as well as credit & debit cards) and finally complex financial conglomerates (e.g. bank holding companies).  Time permitting, we’ll conclude with some studies on investment management, including investment advisers and their advised public mutual as well as private hedge & private equity funds.  At times, we’ll emphasize the “international” comparative aspects of these fields, noting the cross-border implications of US rules, and comparing, where appropriate, the US financial regulatory framework and policy choices to the EU.  To help students with problem solving for the Bar, Professor Chertok will provide some optional sample problems on a non-graded basis.