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Career Services: Becoming a Lawyer Means Accepting the Charge to Serve the Public

Published: Aug 27th, 2007

As law students, you have joined a professional group charged with the significant responsibility of providing and ensuring justice to all. This is a responsibility you should always be mindful […]

Career Services

Published: Nov 27th, 2006

Number of Employers The number of employers conducting interviews on the UF Law campus climbed to 157 this year, and an additional 32 employers collected resumes. Last year, 153 employers […]

Career Services: Debunking Five Popular Myths About the Center for Career Services

Published: Nov 20th, 2006

Myth Number One Finding a job won’t be a problem because Career Services will place me. While this is a popular belief, it is inaccurate. Statistics demonstrate that your first […]

Career Services

Published: Nov 6th, 2006

Small Firms: The Largest Law Firm Employment Segment The Market: Statistically, the small firm is one of the larger employment markets for entry-level attorney positions for new law graduates. • […]

Career Services

Published: Oct 30th, 2006

Florida Ranks No. 5 Nationally in Entry-Level Legal Positions The NALP publication, Jobs & JD’s, Class of 2005, provides valuable employment and salary data. For example, it shows that Florida ranked […]

Career Services

Published: Oct 23rd, 2006

Are You Aware of Employer Hiring Timing & Practices? Business and corporate legal employers tend to hire on an “as needed” basis, although if you are interested in summering in […]

Career Services

Published: Oct 16th, 2006

Professionalism during the Callback & Offer Process It is critical to remain professional and respectful of the legal employers and your classmates during the callback and offer stage of the […]

Career Services

Published: Oct 9th, 2006

An impression of you is conveyed every time you make contact with a prospective employer, not just during an interview. You want to ensure that your lasting impression is one […]

Career Services

Published: Oct 2nd, 2006

Considering a Public Interest Law Career? Experience Counts, Not Just Grades • For those interested in pursuing a career in public interest law, experience and desire can outweigh grades. Public […]

Career Services

Published: Sep 25th, 2006

Out-of-State Job Search The Center for Career Services and Lexis recently co-sponsored a program on Out- of-State Job Searches. Assistant Director Samara Sarno discussed the challenges of conducting an out-of-area […]