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Sanctions for Honor Code Violations

University of Florida Regulation 6C1-4.016(3) (Student Conduct Code)

(3) Sanctions – A student adjudicated responsible for violations under subsection (2) of the Student Conduct Code, shall be subject to sanctions commensurate with the offense with consideration given to any aggravating and mitigating circumstances. Sanctions include one or more of the following penalties, unless otherwise expressly provided:

(a) Reprimand – The student is given formal written notice and official recognition that the behavior has violated the Student Conduct Code.

(b) Conduct Probation – The student is deemed not in good standing and cannot represent the University on any athletic team other than intramurals, hold an office in any student organization registered with the University, or represent the University in any extracurricular activity or official function or participate in any study abroad program. The duration of any probation period or any conditions or sanctions imposed for the violation shall be in proportion to the seriousness of the violation.

(c) Loss of University Privileges – Denial of specific University privileges including, but not limited to, attendance at athletic functions, unrestricted library use, parking privileges, university computer usage, and residence hall visitation for a designated period of time.

(d) Suspension – The student is required to leave the University for a given or indefinite period of time, the termination of which shall depend upon specified acts of the student’s own volition related to mitigation of the offense committed. The student must comply with all sanctions prior to re-admission.

(e) Expulsion – The student is permanently deprived of his or her opportunity to continue at the University in any status.

(f) Restitution – The student is required to pay for loss of or damages to University property, provided that such payment shall be limited to the actual cost of repair or replacement of such property.

(g) Reduced or Failing Grade – The student is given a reduced or failing grade for the class in which the offense occurred for violations of the Academic Honesty Guidelines, but only by the faculty member involved and upon recommendation thereof, except as otherwise provided in subsection 6C1-4.017(3), F.A.C.

(h) Community/University Service – A student is required to complete a specified number of hours of service to the campus or general community.

(i) Education Requirements – A student is required to complete a specified educational sanction related to the violation committed. Such educational requirements include completion of a seminar, report, alcohol or drug assessment, or counseling.

(j) Residence Hall Transfer or Removal – A student is required to transfer residence halls or leave the residence halls for a specified or indefinite period of time.

(k) No Contact Order – A directive to refrain from any intentional contact, direct or indirect, with one or more designated persons or group(s) through any means, including personal contact, e-mail, telephone, or third parties.

Specific Authority 1001.74(4), 1006.60 FS. Law Implemented 1001.74(10), 1006.60, 1006.61, 1006.62, 1006.63 FS. History–New 9-29-75,
Amended 3-9-76, 1-28-80, 3-26-80, 8-26-81, 2-11-82, 9-15-83, 3-25-85, 5-14-85, 10-14-85, Formerly 6C1-4.16, Amended 4-24-88, 5-21-89,
5-18-92, 5-19-93, 7-11-94, 4-30-95, 5-1-96, 7-15-97, 7-27-98, 10-31-99, 6-21-00, 5-22-01, 5-20-02, 2-5-03, 6-3-03, 5-30-04, 7-19-05.

Authority: BOG Resolution dated January 7, 2003.

History–New 9-29-75, Amended 4-5-77, 2-11-82, 9-15-83, Formerly 6C1-4.17, Amended 5-18-92, 7-11-94, 4-30-95, 2-5-03, 7-19-05, 12-02-05.