Faculty Expertise: Criminal Defense

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George R. “Bob” Dekle

Director, Criminal Prosecution Clinic
Assistant Director, Criminal Justice Center
Master Lecturer

Email: Dekle@law.ufl.edu, Phone: (352) 273-0815

Expertise: Criminal Defense • Criminal Law • Criminal Prosecution • Death Penalty • Ethics & Professional Responsibility • Evidence • Insanity Defense, Mental Health, Capacity to Stand Trial • Mental Health • Police Practices • Sex Offenders • 

Meshon Rawls

Master Legal Skills Professor

Email: rawls@law.ufl.edu, Phone: (352) 273-0813

Expertise: Children's Rights • Criminal Defense • 

Monique Haughton Worrell

Director, Criminal Justice Center
Director, Criminal Defense Clinic
Associate Director, Center on Children and Families
Senior Legal Skills Professor

Email: haughton@law.ufl.edu, Phone: (352) 273-0800

Expertise: Child Welfare • Criminal Defense • Family Law • Juvenile Justice •