Faculty Expertise: Wetlands

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Mary Jane Angelo


University of Florida Research Foundation Professor
Alumni Research Scholar
Director, Environmental and Land Use Law Program

Email: angelo@law.ufl.edu, Phone: (352) 273-0944

Expertise: Ecology • Endangered Species Law • Environmental Law • Food and Agriculture Law • GMO Regulation • Pesticide Law • Water Law • Wetlands • 

Alyson Craig Flournoy


Alumni Research Scholar

Email: flournoy@law.ufl.edu, Phone: (352) 273-0945

Expertise: Administrative Law • Environmental Justice • Environmental Law • Federal Administrative Law • Property Law • Wetlands • 

Richard Hamann


Associate in Law
Center for Governmental Responsibility

Email: hamann@law.ufl.edu, Phone: (352) 273-0835

Expertise: Environmental Law • Water Law • Wetlands •