Levin College of Law

Criminal Justice Center

About the CJC

The Criminal Justice Center serves as a platform to bring criminal law faculty together with interested students, enhancing the students’ law school experience by providing them with mentorship, area-specific education, and criminal practice training. It helps the law school plan and implements a comprehensive and organized criminal law and procedure curriculum.

The Criminal Justice Center also serves as an incubator for criminal law and procedure-related scholarship, talks, and conferences at the school. The Center will expand the law school’s Criminal Justice horizon by implementing an interdisciplinary approach to the topic, and it will connect the school to its alumni by creating an Advisory Board that will meet periodically to review the Center’s operation and provide insight and direction.

Criminal Justice Area of Concentration

The CJC houses the Criminal Justice Area of Concentration, which is a way for students who are interested in Criminal Law and Procedure, either as an area of academic study or as one of practice, or both, to demonstrate special competency in the area.