Faculty Expertise: Clinical Legal Education

Jonathan Barry-Blocker

Photo of Jonathan Barry-Blocker

Visiting Legal Skills Professor

Email: jblocker@law.ufl.edu Phone: 352-273-0666

Expertise: Civil Rights  • Clinical Legal Education  • Criminal Law  • Criminal Procedure  • Privacy  • Trial Procedure  • 

Judy Clausen

Photo of Judy Clausen


Legal Skills Professor

Email: jclausen@law.ufl.edu Phone: (352) 273-0631

Expertise: Appellate Advocacy  • Commercial Litigation  • Contracts  • Legal Writing  • Veterans Law  • 

Teresa Drake

Photo of Drake

Director, Intimate Partner Violence Assistance Clinic (IPVAC)

Email: drake@law.ufl.edu Phone: (352) 273-0805

Expertise: Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES)  • Child Welfare  • Intimate Partner Violence  • Mindfulness in the Law  • Trauma Informed Client Representation  • 

Jeffrey T. Grater

Emeritus Senior Legal Skills Professor

Email: grater@law.ufl.edu Phone: (352) 273-0800

Expertise: Clinical Legal Education  • Family Law  • Interviewing and Counseling  • Mediation  • 

Anastacia Greene


Immigration Clinical Fellow

Email: greene@law.ufl.edu Phone: 352-273-0717

Expertise: Clinical Legal Education  • Immigration Law  • 

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