Levin College of Law

Computers, Printing, and Scanning


All library workstations use the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system and provide the following array of available software and services.

  • Internet / Database Access, Web Email Access, Word Processing and Other Production Software


Law students are provided 100 impressions of printing per semester FOR FREE through the print release stations in the Legal Information Center. The Levin College of Law will be charged for the first 100 impressions. Once a law student has printed 100 impressions in a semester, subsequent print transactions will be charged to the student’s ONE.UF account at a rate of $0.o8 per impression.

The 100 page allowance is for 100 impressions, which means that a double-sided document will count as two pages. A single-sided document will count as one page. This means that a student can print 100 single-sided pages or 50 double-sided pages.


The library provides a KIC Bookeye face-up scanner in the printer/scanning room on the first floor.